30 life lessons – Part 1

Today I will share what I have learned so far in this roller coaster ride. I have been meaning to post it on my birthday but I couldn’t as I didn’t want to rush. These are based on my experiences. I will be posting this in 3 parts so that you don’t dose off…

  1. First of all. Health is wealth and I mean it. Take care of your well-being. Eat well. Eat clean. Stay fit. Drink plenty of water (its one of most important as per my experience). Don’t ignore pain or any discomfort in your body, address it ASAP! And if you unfortunately get ill, keep fighting and hoping that one day you will defeat it.
  1. Get an asset that is expected to appreciate overtime. It’s preferred you don’t keep all your eggs in one basket. So make a pool of you investments. They all don’t have to be expensive. I know this sound impossible sometimes but trust me it’s still workable. If you see an investment opportunity and you are short of some capital/cash get help from wherever you can and secure that asset, repay later on time. And you must be owner of that asset, follow proper documentation and check the law about its ownership and transfer.
  1. If there was something you were passionate about but you didn’t have time, start doing it today. It’s never too late. I read about somebody who started learning to play guitar at 70 because he always wanted to.
  1. Do not depend on anybody, especially financially. There’s a difference between delegating, getting help and relying completely on somebody else. If it’s important and risky, do it yourself. Never believe anybody who says “don’t worry I will take care of it”. You need to be independent.
  1. You don’t have to overwhelm yourself. For services that require a lot of time and energy and you have opportunity to get it done at cheap price, and there are less chances of getting it wrong, delegate!
  1. Stay connected to friends. Make up with old friends and don’t keep grudges. Don’t let little disagreements Simmer and turn into something big. Reach out to friends and keep checking on them, there’s no shame in it unless they have done something horrible to you, in that case beware!
  1. Family is important. This is a reality set in stone when everything fall apart your family will be there for you 99.9% of the times, especially your parents. So stick to your family.
  1. Wear what’s comfortable and resonates with your personality. You don’t have to jump on each and every bandwagon. Black is your best friend and decency is the best policy.
  2. Be rational in money matters. Don’t ignore your basic needs and comfort in order to save, but be sensible and responsible. Divide you total income into categories according to your inflows and your own requirements.
  1. If possible get a professional degree or any bankable qualification. Even if you go on to follow your dream or experiment with career options that do not guarantee stability, you will have a solid qualification as a backup.

30 Life Lessons- Part 2

30 Life Lessons – Part 3

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  1. Well said and very true…. Its hard to pick the best point because all of them are important. And you have placed the most important point on the top – without health its impossible todo anything. Health is wealth. 🙂

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