30 Life Lessons – Part 3

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30 life lessons – Part 1

30 Life Lessons- Part 2

21. You should be able to live on your own. By 30 you are old enough to be able to cook iron your cloths, do laundry, clean your home and all. Even if you can afford help/maids etc. You should at least know how to do your household chores.

22. Hunt for bargains but don’t compromise on quality. Buying 2 3 good quality shirts are better than buying 10 cheaper ones. Do not! I repeat DO NOT compromise on quality when it comes to skin care products. Have fewer beauty products but make sure they are worth putting on your skin.

23. Respect, respect, respect everyone. If you don’t know how to respect people there will be somebody waiting to disrespect you. Whatever you give, comes back to you.

24. Don’t restrict your circle. Every other person has a story to tell. And sometimes you learn by their experiences.

25. Beware of overly sweet people, most of them are dangerous.

26. Never let that little spark of madness fade away. People are going to judge you anyway.

27. Do something for yourself. No matter how many responsibilities you have to shoulder for your loved ones there has to be something you do for yourself only. You learn it over the passage of time your sacrifices and compromises on your own self are hardly appreciated. Bitter but true.

28. Live in the moment. Worrying is human nature. But realize you can’t control everything. I have started following a rule “if something won’t be important to you in 5 years don’t waste more than 5 minutes worrying about it” and it’s working.

29. Never stop learning. Polish your old skills and learn new. Our inbuilt skills help us survive in tough times.

30. Mental health is a serious issue. And it’s real. Be kind to people dealing with it and don’t ignore if you doubt you might be having a mental health issue. Better safe than sorry.

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  1. I loved the whole list! There is something wonderful about being 30 and you seem to get it. I loved 27. someone wiser then me told me when I left high school that you can always find one hour in your day to do something just for you. Through the ups and downs of life, I have honored that and I am better for it. #25 made me laugh. So true! I have two pet peeves, ok 3. 1 is phony people. Have a good rest of your weekend.

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