A Smile & A Dressed Wound


I had to scream..like I really HAD to!!

Look what I got.

Yup! I ordered these books few days back, but the order got stuck somewhere and I got a call today that I may not be able to get it before Monday.

I said okay as I am already in the middle of a book and I have plenty of hoarded unread books so these can wait.

But guess what, Just a few hours back dad came to my room with this precious little stack.

And..o my God.

The Temporary euphoric rain that pelted me was just inexplicable

I may be Neophyte to a lot of things..

But words.. gulping them down or playing with them or hoarding them has always been integral part of my journey.

I remember reading under the faint green light of night bulb until I would drift off.

And I have a new favourite book mark.

Isn’t it amazing?? It came with the books.

Hours before miraculous delivery of these books, I lost an earring of mine. It was a small stud. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry and it was all I was wearing in accessories, visiting a few relatives today. It wasn’t expensive but it was very precious to me as I can only wear a few metals and i loved it. So the pair had been part of my earlobes for a long time.

One of my aunts pointed I was only wearing 1 stud that’s when I got to know the other one had slipped somewhere. Trying to look for it was useless as I went to different locations so I sat back and accepted I its fate.

I had lost it and it wasn’t coming back.

If we place same scenario some 2 years back, I would have had a panic attack..a real one! I am not kidding.

Letting go is one of those lessons I cherish the most as I learned it extremely hard way, I was an insanely possessive person.

Well. I am not a neophyte to losing stuff too, so I am grateful to myself for learning that skill.

When hours later these babies arrived it was like a band-aid on a fresh teeny tiny wound.

Isn’t it sweet? I am going to sleep with a dressed tiny wound and a triumphant smile.

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  1. Awesome blog post. I’ve been thinking for months about how to write a blog post that captures how i feel about books. I keep procrastinating because I haven’t come up with a way that even comes close to describing it. Lately, I’m getting more and more into digital books and unabridged audiobooks but I still have tons of old physical ones that I never plan on getting rid of and I’m still buying more physical books. A few weeks ago I took an old and deteriorating copy of a paperback book on Thomas Jefferson off the shelf and started reading it. I think I bought it when i was in my mid 20s (about 20 years ago) and I didn’t pay attention to it’s condition so I bought it used and damaged but it was probably only a nickel or dime at a yard sale – it may have even been free. I have books that i bought that were printed in the 1800s that are in better physical shape than this particular one that was probably published in 1960s. LOL. Even though some of the pages fell on the floor more than once while i was reading it and I had to pick them up, I still enjoyed reading it again. Something about reading old books is just fun.

    Regarding your shipment, your bookmark is cool – something about the red and blue colors reminds me of old Troll Book Club brochures/order forms from elementary school – kind of a retro look maybe.

    I like the photo of the books with the glasses to emphasis coolness. I’ve listened to several lectures on writing and fiction and I’ve heard Fyodor’s name come up more than once but I haven’t read anything by him. I read The Darling by Anton Chekhov a few months ago and was surprisingly a bit blown away by it. It was really good – full of psychology and emotional undertones that doesn’t seem as common in recent fiction. I enjoy your blog – I plan on going back and reading more of your posts soon.

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    1. By the way, regarding the story by Chekhov, I figured I should probably have qualified what I meant a little more by saying my interpretation of the story is very different than most people’s even the author’s. In the story, I think the female character’s ability to adapt to different scenarios and careers due to changing circumstances made her more capable than she was given credit for and possibly even more adaptable than her male counterparts of the time which I think was based in the late 1800’s – a very different evaluation lens from today’s. However, I think the power of the story and it’s unexpected relevance to scenarios which I still see in today’s world may be coincidental and not due to the author’s skill or wit. All just my opinion of course and not saying I agree with any of the negative implications that it may shed light on coincidental or not. Unfortunately, in my opinion the world we live in is cruel and unfair then and now. 😦

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      1. I agree with the last part.
        Once i was part of a debate on role of media in outbreak of crime and i opined this .. world had crime then and now both previously they were not widely reported. It was just one of the points nobody agreed to what i said 😆
        This happens everytime we read something my best friend and i always see the story in different light even though we are very similar in thought process.


    2. First of all thanks for taking time to comment.
      I blog about everything i feel mostly they are random ramble. But when if its about books or movies its hard to control yourself…the words dont seen to stop flowing.
      I haven’t read a single digital book yet. I am wierd about it i need to hold a physical book smells the ink and paper while reading. Maybe i will someday but i couldnt yet.

      Getting rid of books is impossible and painful. In my teens i would get them exchanged in book stall bow i regret it. So i just keep hoarding and collecting them.

      Books from 1800s..now thats vintage stuff. Awesome! Old books are time machines..you literally feel you are somewhere else. The smell of those book…love them.

      I love the quote on this book mark. 🙂
      Yea glasses gave them a nice nerdy touch.
      This is the first time i will be reading Fyodor. I have heard a lot about him though and the book brothers karamazov but i wasnt happy with the paper quality and font size of the book..well..happens.
      Honestly i dont find recent fiction that mind blowing now. Just a few book manage to prove their mantle.

      I am so so glad you took time and shared what you feel. It was lovely.
      Thanks alot 🙂

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      1. I can certainly understand the hesitation to use digital books because I had the same feeling many years ago and I’m going through a similar scenario currently with creating art and trying to branch out more to digital art forms. The reason I’ve started relying on digital books so much is mostly out of time constraints and the need for efficiency and convenience. I guess I had to ask myself is reading the book only about the experience and process or is it about experiencing the story and message too. I ultimately decided that both were important but in a kind of independent way and that allowed me utilize all media forms and delivery methods – ebook, eink, audio, and movies based on books. I’m only letting you know the details because I spent a lot of time thinking about whether I should utilize digital books and I still sometimes feel like I’ve sold my soul a little by using new media types. But at the same time it allows me to read and listen to so many more stories. LOL. However, I’m in no way trying to change your mind because I think everyone should make their own decisions in life and I for a most part just try to stay out of people’s way. Everyone responds differently to situations and experiences and I don’t want to feel responsible for someone being unhappy about a decision I may have influenced even if only in a small way.

        Regarding being blown away by a book or story, it still happens to me but for weird and complex (at least to me) reasons. I’ve studied a lot of neuroscience and psychology books and if I feel a story captures the essence of an idea from the human condition and/or psychology, etc. whether intentional or not and whether the idea itself is pleasant or not, then that kind of surprises me. If it turns out the story was very old but still has relevance in my mind to today’s world then even more so. These both happened with Chekhov’s short story The Darling and I assumed it had to be the author’s skill but when I read his opinion of the story and women then I realized he may have accidentally stumbled upon the harsh realities but in a strange and unique lens.

        A similar phenomenon has happened with short story’s i’ve read by Poe and more recently by an obscure story by Washington Irving in a collection compiled from HP Lovecraft’s notes by a modern author – the title of the book is long and the name escapes me. Additionally, that’s after reading Irving’s work he is more known for like The Legend of Sleepy Hollow for most of my life and not being particularly impressed. Maybe it’s really nothing more than as we get older and hopefully a bit wiser that we begin to see stories through a better and more complex lens whether the author truly orchestrated it or not. I know I’ve written short fiction myself that people interpreted in ways different than I had planned on. LOL.

        Anyway, sorry to write such long replies. Thanks for taking the time to respond and for sharing your thoughts on your blog.

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      2. I am grateful to you for writing detailed comments. They are more like discussion on something i am passionate about.

        The only reason i contemplate about my choice and think maybe i should switch to ebooks is they are environment friendly. Wasting paper has started to feel a tad bit uncomfortable now. My nephew just told me ‘you are getting trees cut’ he is just 10. Well maybe someday i will.
        No you havent sold your soul. You have progressed as required.
        I feel like an old soul.

        I am currently writing a psychological thriller..i am doubtful about thriller part as the story is taking me somewhere i dont know yet. I enjoy books that have psychological impact.
        I feel old books leave deeper scars as they were pure simple times. The more i read i stronger i feel i can relate to mindset of very old authors. Its strange. In those times technology was nowhere close to what it is today but the descriptions flowed like water. Analyses were accurate and deep especially about human behavour.

        Good to know you have written short fiction you should do book reviews you will nail them.

        A story is half of what author has written and half of it is what reader interprets. Thats why there is variation in what a reader takes from a book.

        And please dont say sorry.
        I really appriciate your comments 🙂 good to have you here

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  2. Always nice when you get new books, especially when you get them online and anticipate them to come. And when they do finally come, it is like a treat 🙂 Sorry to hear about the lost earring. Maybe it will turn up somewhere, someday. You just never know – it could be somewhere waiting to surprise you 🙂

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