Just Blabbering

I had an extremely busy day.

It was one of those treasure hunting days when I go to old-books stalls to scan massive unorganized shelves and piles of books to find what I want.

It’s literally like looking for a needle in haystack.

And this is what I got today… and it was worth the effort, especially this browning crumbling Jane Austen collection;

The Time Traveler’s Wife,

The Handmaids Tale and “the Hag-Seed” by Margaret Atwood,

Oblivion by David Foster Wallace,

Best Loved Poems edited by Neil Philip,

The Works of Jane Austen.


Then I came home and saw today’s prompt.

Riff” reminded me of my guitar which I haven’t touch in around 2 months.

This gorgeous thing..


Sometimes I feel I overwhelm myself with my impulsivity at times.

But it’s okay.

Most of the times I am just trying to keep myself as busy as I can, so that there is no space for bleakness to creep in.

So far it’s working.

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