What Introduction to New Technology Can Do To You..

Ever seen a monkey getting introduced to technology?

yea that just happened..and it wasn’t pretty.

i just switched to mac for the first time in life and almost had a heart attack, as if a million Gremlins are waiting to explode in my face the moment i will switch it on..

the realization that I can’t connect a normal usb in it gave me a major anxiety attack (which i haven’t had in a month, or maybe i am forgetting)..if i hadn’t plan to accomplish a few tasks in life …i was totally jumping out of that picturesque terrace today!

an angelic friend was tried to help by telling me that it may not be that horrible decision but i was jumping everywhere like a cat.

Well. i called sam. she is my prozac i swear.

i told her i got the mac but i cant connect anything to it (repeating “anything” over and over)

sam asked in her calm voice “what do you have to connect right now?”

i answered hyperventilating “alot of things..i connect things to my laptop all the time”

she said “answer me”

I replied “i don’t know”

then she exploded “what do you mean you don’t know. i am gonna punch you so hard for this i just got home. you bought something and you can’t return it you better start enjoying it. it’s not a bad machine. is that clear?”

well the fireworks helped..prozac i told you..

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49 thoughts on “What Introduction to New Technology Can Do To You..

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  1. Hahaha. Love the cat! You will love your Mac in time. Mine was a gift a few years ago and my reaction was what do you mean I have to JUST learn this. Ug. Feel your pain, but I would never go back now. It is user friendly. I think there are a few freebie classes when you first get it . Take full advantage. And thank goodness for Sam. She always sets the road straight.

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    1. she IS my prozac/xanax everything!
      this girl knows how to fix me. and lemme tell you the weirdest part we have been friends for 20 years now and gradually we started resembling each other. its like we were thrown into a machine 😆

      yea. so far Mac is being kind. I had to write this post twice though. deleted accidentally the first time and didn’t know how to recover..ahaha

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      1. Don’t know avoid going to Doctor. I told you before also. And I didn’t, someone else did. I don’t care about losing my posts.. I don’t take pictures so also not a problem.. But there were some series, anime and English one that I liked, now boom.. Gone..

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      2. Nope no pics not even a single one. The whole idea is just crazy.. Till I think eight standard there was no one taking pics suddenly boom.. Everyone went crazy.. There isn’t a single photo of me.. Even my parent and sibling don’t have one… Also I look stupid so who cares..

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