Casual Vandalization


Look! Somebody scratched the sky..

And nobody is complaining

How easy it is to vandalize something nobody takes ownership for

As if it doesn’t deserve to be protected

As if it’s inherent right of the mortals to destroy purity

Until it’s transformed into something scratched..burnt..shattered..

With their pointless hatred and undesired envy

As if its beauty was piercing their spiteful eyes

As if it never deserved its own perfection

How easy is to hate somebody for no reason

Whereas love…now thats an emotion that takes sweat and blood to foster…

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved


13 thoughts on “Casual Vandalization

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  1. I laughed with the words “scratched the sky” then became somber towards the end of your narrative. Interesting capture – not of the city sky line – but of my attention. Thank you for both the moment of laughter and insight.

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