I wish Age wasn’t the measure of maturity
I have seen more compassion
In the sparkling beady eyes of a toddler
Heard more discernment
In the intriguing questions of a 6 year old
Observed more integrity
In the random rambles of a 10 years old

Whereas, i see a blinding urge to dictate
In old envious eyes
Hear orthodox rotten mindset
Lurking behind their every decision
Double standards and emotional manipulation
Dripping from every single word
Uttered from their impudent mouths

I would prefer to hand over my case
In tiny hands of a child..

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

26 thoughts on “Age

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      1. I dont know. Its hurts to see this is their own lack of maturity. Why do they have to cling to 1000 years old norms and ruin lives of people living in today’s world.
        Everyone is not like that. But majority of people of subcontinent are still under spell of this absurdity

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  1. There are no more honest people in the world than children. They don’t lie if you don’t teach them, they don’t hate if you don’t show them how, they don’t become good if you are unable to be good yourself. There is a proverb in my country. “Little kids eat bread, big kids eat your liver.” It means, small kids, small problems. It goes well with what are you saying here. Kids are better than grownups. 😀 Still, there is no need to frown. I got assured you are a nice person, so go do something fun.. Please. Go yell at tourists. That’s always fun.

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      1. That’s the exact reason why you need to go out and stuff something with your fists. 😀 I am a pacifist also, but there is something in our nature that gives us a selfvalidation when we act out of our comfort zone. Go get wild Lt. Alyana.

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