Straightening up

Are you ready for another tedious fruitless ramble??

You shouldn’t be by the way.

Well, today, i thought i will be productive. i need to straighten up before something serious happens.

The straightening process began with scheduling appointment with rheumatologist. Yeah. A gem of person i have met her before and she is excellent at what she does.

Out of 4 doctors, i managed to get appointment with 1…3 more to go..but its a good start, right??

Second, called the place i got my guitar from. They don’t do repairs but they told me a place that actually do. Then i started looking for more places as the one i was recommended is wayyyy far. So, i am still on it.

Stuck 3 more sticky notes on my mirror. Labelled “grocery” “appointment” “things to do”.

I made separate grocery list. A lot of things need to be refilled at home, pantry is upset.

Oh. Correction! first thing i did was over-turning my bag.

Yes! women know what our bags are.

Seriously we have so much stuff in it, some day we actually might find a polar bear hibernating in it.

So, i spilled all the contents and started sorting it out. Thats in process too.

For the first time i had a good look at my injured charming baby and I felt bad for her, i even said sorry to her.


This is what hermit life does to you. You start talking to things.

I was busing running the errands when i saw something…


They are taking away the confetti.. (here’s confetti story Orange Confetti – WPC)

All of it…


I was actually looking forward to see it in full bloom.

For a moment i wanted to shout “Stop! what are you doing??” but then i reminded myself here’s nobody who would bail me out from the jail, they would probably tell jail people to keep me or jet me transferred to the zoo…you never know.

Then i thought ok…maybe they will come up with something better.

Could I stop it?? No!

Did i have any right to stop it?? again No!

Audience have no rights.

Won’t take up much of space and time..

Have a good day guys 🙂

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