Nature’s Sorcery

If i tell you my favorite place to sit is any piece of furniture facing my window, you wont be surprised.

Window obsession isn’t new. In my childhood home i insisted to sleep in drawing room, lying on a mattress that i lovingly placed in the exact centre of the room every night.

And then i would enjoy the kaleidoscope casted on the ceiling as there was no other building to block the residual vibrant light of the cars driving on the road 4 floors down. And the room would bathe in the soothing light of the night sky.

It doesn’t seem possible when you read it..even i am doubting as i write it..but that was something that entertained me every night. I cant be that delusional.

Then i am sitting here. A grown up confused mess of sins and misfortune.

The owner of a delicate mind that gets distracted by the sound of fizz in the can of coke.

The change in the hues entering my home are bound to captivate such a naive mind.

But there is a difference.

These sessions of venturing into the maze of light are not restricted to night anymore.

There comes a time in the day when the sun paints the sky in piercing yellow.

So yellow it hurts the eye.

At that particular moment i can see a plane flying across the sun almost 3 4 times every day.

By the time i grab the phone, it’s already out of the frame i have in my mind.

Today, i saw 2 birds flying in the background of same fiery sky and i prepared myself for a chance of what i wanted with a metallic bird.

And i got it..

Birds flying in the background of bright sun,

Sitting arrogantly in the centre of the hue it emits at this particular time,

Carrying Patina of an unrivaled king

Making it almost impossible to look at it in the eye for a long time.

Its an untouched most of pictures from my terrace or window.

I sat down and had a good look at it. And i was engulfed in a pool of mixed thoughts about light and darkness.

Look at the bright centre…then the yellow orange burned from the corners sky…then everything else that is a dark shadow.

Whereas in reality the whole place was dunked in the same blazing light.

A bucket of bright yellow poured over the entire place.

Maybe thats what change of lens, change of eye does.

We all see things differently.

It’s partly nature’s sorcery.

It plays tricks and spells on us all the time and we deny that our own eyes deceive us at times.


Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

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      1. Can’t you just use a pillow like any normal person? I would volunteer to be your punching bag, or sparring partner, but as you can see, I am not really close to you. 😦


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