The Tattered Rag

I haven’t heard this word or the phrase “on Tenterhooks” before but i felt something when i read about it.

I haven’t read any phrase so literally close to the word used in it.

Or maybe i felt very strongly about it to think that way.

You know what i felt?

My life that looks pretty much like a rag,

Filled with random patchwork to keep it intact,

On the tenterhooks for a very long time…quite literally..

Every situation increased the pressure on the nailed rag..

The tenterhooks started to twist mercilessly

Rag was fighting hard…trying to hold onto its veins..

Then one brutal twist ripped it from the edges..

And a tattered cloth was left on the discretion of the winds..

Some of its fingers and toes still hanging on the wall of despair

Now the rag is flying, slowly..

Swinging on the rhythm of painfully calm winds..

Its looking down on the dusty ground willing to find a place to rest, its getting tired..

But guess what.. it has never touched dusty grounds..

So, its just being whisked along with the winds

That are unaware of its existence, let alone its feelings and fears..

They are doing what they are supposed to do..

Being carriage to random fragments of lives, detached and lost..

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

14 thoughts on “The Tattered Rag

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  1. Would we rather spend our life on the verge of being detached than be free entirely? Sometimes we know that things are not working for us, but we cant find the courage to make the necessary changes, so we hold onto an already broken shaft with every bit of force left in us, hoping desperately that it will sustain us.
    But then God has other plans. He shakes us and breaks us free. And we feel like we’re at the mercy of winds, when in reality those winds are bound to the will of God. So you’re not at the mercy of senseless winds, you’re at the mercy of a loving God and He wont lead you astray.
    Sooner or later you will have this realisation that you’ve got nothing else to lose now, that is the day you will start working towards reclaiming the reigns of your life.

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    1. I known what you are saying.

      And guess what i already feel i am process of liberating myself. For alot of things i already feel i dont have anything to lose.
      But there is a long journey to cover.
      I will inshAllah.

      One day the rag will find a place to stop and rest 🙂 a clean marble or a maybe a cherry blossom tree..

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