That Silent Moment..

When you grow up with somebody they pretty much know you by your voice and pace of the words and breaths. Your feelings don’t depend on words.

And i feel in such relationships you shouldn’t try to explain. Words ruin the essence, the purity of your feelings telepathically traveling to them.

I talked to such a friend today.

After a long time i saw a hint of color on my face. A smile looked like a genuine smile…not a veil..i didn’t deceive the mirror today.

While we were talking, a thought crossed my mind which i couldn’t share with him.

When mom left…something drastic happened within me. A chemical reaction changing every property of the elements involved..

Another big bang..

Either somebody gently, very carefully, removed the cork of the bottle i was petting all my pressures within.

Or that bottle exploded. Its particles hitting everything around it like a loaded gun showering bullets after being accidentally triggered

The effervescence flying everywhere, blindly, aimlessly.

This happened in that one brief moment.

And the pressure ended.

The restiveness of bubbles fighting furiously against the class walls, eased in one split second.

My anxiety Relocated to an unknown desolated island.

It was a dead silent moment…or i lost my hearing, another blissful accident.

I couldn’t hear the explosion..or the pop of cork being removed..

Either in that one moment everything straightened like a smooth silk drape..

Or everything came apart and scattered, suspended like tiny stars in the space.

Either that moment broke me…or turned me immortal…

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

11 thoughts on “That Silent Moment..

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  1. It’s like I could see it all, feel it all. The powerfull pain that makes and breaks someone at the same time in continuiety, attaing a kind of dark dinamic equilibrium.

    Sending you love and strength,

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