Sanity Stuck in Shredder – #writephoto

She walked carefully measuring her every step into the long narrow passage

Her eyes darting across the lines bordering the tiles she was walking on.

They are not equal! she told herself.

OCD started kicking in…

Freeze that thought, this is not why you are here.

Why is this passage so narrow…

Thank God i am anti-claustrophobic..yep thats me, comfortable with confinements. Still looking for a box exactly my size.

But the lines..well..FOCUS!!

How many steps do i need to reach that most annoyingly senseless light of the century??? 

She mentally calculated length of her steps…

May be 10-15 more to reach the light i truly deeply madly abhor!!

Darkness is far more calming than that yellow piercing blaze

Who would like to spend half of the day in a daunting place like this?

Any perfectly sane person might end up with shredded sanity just traveling this small distance of darkness and light topped with fear of the ceiling crashing on them.

The flashing image of people buried under rubble at the same spot she was standing sent shudders down her spine.

She dug her sweaty hands deeper into pockets, unruly fringes fallen limp on her face covering majority of it as she focused through her oversized thick glasses, walking closer to the portal ahead.

5 more steps..then an open lounge with 4 doors…one of them is mine..

She squinted her eyes in annoyance and cussed under her breath as she crossed the dreaded yellow light and not-so-magical portal to enter the lounge .

Her head still firm and straight. Her gaze cemented at her designated door.

She briskly walked to her door, knocked on it twice, in her signature style and waited for a response, as she read the plate on the door… once again, for the 9th time this year..

“Dr. Emily Brown
Specialist Psychiatrist”

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

For Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt.

30 thoughts on “Sanity Stuck in Shredder – #writephoto

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      1. I used to have anxiety attacks and I once had a magnificent panic attack which was rather interesting. Fortunately, I found a way to manage all that and get off the meds, but I still don’t like people to quietly come up behind me.

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      2. As you are managing it. It’s not that important because everybody has different triggers. Like you mentions somebody quietly coming behind you makes you uncomfortable. If you are already on the verge and something like this happens you might end up reacting violently.
        Has happened to me long ago.

        I just hope we can get rid of this demon someday.

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      3. “If there are self-made purgatories, then we all have to live in them. Mine can be no worse than someone else’s.”

        -Spock (Leonard Nimoy)
        “This Side of Paradise”
        Star Trek the Original Series

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