Too Numb

Had a long mind-numbing day

When you are brimming with pain..yours..and others..

Nothing i read or write or see is making sense..

Here’s a picture of Dubai’s needle for you guys.

I know that came out of the blue. But i had an appointment today. Took this picture on the way.

This is what i am feeling like today…

13 thoughts on “Too Numb

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      1. Have you someone or something positive in your life, something you enjoy above all else, perhaps writing? Something to try to focus on? Sometimes it can be something so small but so meaningful it strikes a chord within you and then you are through to the other side. A touch, a smile, a flower, something that touched your heart.

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      2. My blog has been my major source of happiness this whole year..and years to come.
        I will post about the whole thing tomorow. I think i am dosing off again with mental/emotional exhaustion.
        Thank you so much covert novelist 🙂


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