Just a Loony Talking..

Grab your cup of coffee guys we are going to be talking today..

I just saw somebody yawning, what the hell i haven’t even started yet..

Well.. i will still talk..

So today was “the tests” day after a very long time.

You know the day you give your all sorts of samples to keep a check on cacophony running your body?? Yea… it was that day.

I had to be fasting, which is a major challenge for me as i am a foodie and i graze like a cow 24/7 365!

Oh i forgot to show you my cup of black gold, my coffee.


my coffee belongs to Turkish ancestry as you can tell…kidding. its just Davidoff espresso 57 (which i highly recommend) + brown sugar + hot water!

see how i gave it a nice touch with pencils and sketch book…alone it was looking sad, so i place things i love close to it so that it knows it’s precious. now i am thing the cup should have been more to the right, its hiding the image and there is empty space in the right of it…but its useless now as coffee is gone..

So. where were we?? the tests!!

When i reached hospital they were already expecting me and the nurse gave me a small jar a ziplock bag and an envelope…

Yep. you guested it, first sample was the pee sample.

I hate, detest..abhor…giving this sample from the depth of my heart!

I always end up half of the bathroom..i am a germaphobe.

(please nobody comment on it, writing about it is taking me a lot of courage in case you don’t know)

Jar goes in the ziplock bag and that bag goes in the envelope.

I took the gift to the reception the moment nurse looked at me i said, “i dread this part”

she chuckled , “ooooh..thats why you were asking on phone again and again what samples are required for the tests??”

Next i had to meet a fear of mine. One of many actually. I have fear of needles and i have thin veins

But 3 years and 3 months and treatment has taught me a lot about how to deal with it.

I told the nurse that I have thin veins and only certain needle is advised (butterfly needle) and i told her my strongest vein.

These were the things taught to me in the beginning of the treatment. It’s important to convey precise information to the heath personnels dealing with you.

She was a sweetheart i swear. Such a gentle hand. She was chirping like birds in the morning so we kept talking the whole time.

Not even once i looked at my arm or 6 tubes that were filled.

That part went great!!!

Then i had to eat something. I was hungry!

So went to cafe had a sandwich and latte (i am regretting my that decision too), but i could eat a horse, a cup of latte that i didn’t enjoy i damn bit didn’t make me throw up. I gulped it down like plenty of wrong life decisions..

Next stop!!!

Radiology department.

I had my bone density scan.

Well i was on steroids for 2.5 years and i wanted a complete review of my health post treatment, before we go into surgery phase so this was important.

I had no idea what i was getting into but it wont hurt or it wont be disgusting… i knew this one cant be as bad as the first two.

So i walked in. it was simple. like a CT scan on slow pace.

Technician was a gem.

When i was lying on my side for the scan I could see her staring the screen concealing her reactions.

I was impatient and wanted to know if she can see any sign of osteoporosis but i was supposed to stay still so i waiting.

Once we were done i asked, “how does it look?”

she said, “Your bones are good, but i can’t tell much on my own”

i smiled and nodded, i know how this works.

Came back home stuffed myself with haleem that i made yesterday (its a porridge kinda thing) with rice and went to change into my favorite attire, my p-jays.

Did i tell you i wore mom’s clothes today??

There’s something magical about mom’s clothes. I chose to wear them today for no specific reason and the moment i donned them i could feel her hugging me.

It was a sweet pain that became the source of strength required for the days like these.

She had to go through 36 chemos , and the tests and scans is another story altogether. She fought bravely against the demon that ultimately claimed her life.

Being her daughter, how could I complain?? When she has given her strength to us in Inheritance.

Strange.. how that void people leave behind hits you. Everytime after appointments and tests I used to call my Grandpa and Mom. I lost both of them this year. Not that I could stop them. But nothing can fill this gap. Nobody.

Next, I threw my tired pusheen  self on the bed and the moment first wave of tranquil sleep came over me, something nudged my senses.

A noise..a wildly blaring fire alarm!!!


I mean check the timing man! could it be anymore perfect???

Jumped out of bed and put on my abaya (it’s a long loose over-garment I have for emergencies like these, please google it) and grabbed a stole in case this is an actual alarm..

Yeah.. you read it right.

Shrilling fire alarms in buildings are normal!

I know it’s scary because we have become so immune to them that we don’t even bother checking anymore. As i am new to this building i called guard and turned out it was another false alarm..

Took off abaya. went to bed again…but couldn’t sleep obviously.

So made a cup of coffee and came to my nook of ultimate solace..

I just saw battery of my phone and laptop was exact same 23%..whats are the odd of that happening??

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