Farewell At Morn #writephoto

Lost in the tranquil dawn
I sit by a tree

In the blurred foggy morn
I set my remorses free

I hear your gentle feet
Kissing the wet grass

And you come walking behind me
Without stopping, you just pass

The whiff of your perfume
Magically anesthetize me

My lids give in
And veil you from me

I suck the morning air
Still and stagnant

Fighting rage and despair
Tearing me ruthless and rampant

I force my eyes open
And I see you walking away

Heading toward the soft halo
You gracefully swirl and sway

As the mist starts breaking you
Under a stifled sob I cuss the unjust

I see your beautiful soul shattering
Turning into fine gold dust

You elegantly ascend to the gloomy sky
Defusing into the pale yellow sun

I lay by the tree, tired
And let all my dreams burn..

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

For Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt.


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