Nothing is Mild

Mild is just old harsh that we got attuned to.

Be it agony or euphoria…everything gets normalized with time and consistency.

One sentence “this shall too pass” is the strongest remedy I have heard so far, and the biggest injustice we can ever do to ourselves.

You know what it actually means??

This means let the needles take a few more swirls. Concentrate on the needles. The time.

The information that had potential to ruin you will still do the same. But your focus will be cemented on the needles.

And the time will pass.

Until you will realize its time to get back to routine.

And then the next thing hits you. Then you again start looking at the clock and wait for the time to pass.

This habit of anesthetizing yourself doesn’t means the problems are getting milder. Or you are getting stronger.

It means you are too weak too scared to face whats happening, you are into intentionally numbing yourself.

I hope I am making sense at all.

This is holiday season for most of us there is something that needs to be said loud and clear and addressed.

Ever wondered why somebody who was laughing and smiling yesterday suddenly threw a huge tantrum for no apparent reason, even worse chose to end his/her life?

Let me tell you.

When they were smiling in front of you. They were looking at the needles. Letting all the pain pile up inside. Until a point reached when they lost patience.

Its nobody’s fault. Nobody wants to ruin his/her life.

I have this request to all of you.

Look around. Look at your loved ones with the question “are they battling something inside” in your mind. Ask them genuinely how are they and how is life treating them.

It’s a great opportunity to spot the red flags.

Be less judgmental and try to understand more.

I am not a saint. Nobody is. We all have done things we blame others for. We all judge people for their reactions. We all are responsible somewhere even if it’s 0.00001%.

People can be lonely in a crowded room. They might be draping mountains of torment with a simple smile.

Just try to look behind that smile.

I hope I am not ruining the fun you all are looking forward too.

We all need each other no matter what we say.

I know it’s not a very holiday-ish post, but I hope it helps someone.

And the reason I am saying this to all of you is that I know you guys.

If you can take care and be there for a stranger like me you have the heart that can help heal a lot of people out there.

With this I wish you all happy holidays 🙂



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  1. You’ve started writing many of these “everything is broken” posts lately. I kinda feel the same. Maybe it’s the time of year, or something else, but I do understand this general discomfort. Have you ate baklava as I told you to?

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  2. Well that’s a pretty awesome little psycho analysis… I think generally speaking we’ve mostly become too politically correct… I think a lot of people are afraid to reveal how they really feel because people might see that they’re actually human that they have needs… I think the problems are the age-old ancient questions… who am I?… where did I come from?… where am I going?.. eternally I mean questions like is there an afterlife is there reality or only religious beliefs… whatever we believe it should be taking us somewhere and giving us peace… if it doesn’t we need to look elsewhere…

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    1. most of us have busy lives to even think about all of these questions. we believe what we are told and taught from the day we are born, that how culture and faith works for most of us. until something drastic happens we don’t sit back and ask any questions at all. I am writing here awesome psychoanalysis because I don’t have an office to go to. bitter but true. my mom was a very simple person she won’t say brain has to work, keep it busy with something productive or it will keep itself busy thinking and harboring negativity and doubting everything. I kinda agree to that.

      once we hit adulthood which varied according to culture and once we feel we are responsible for people around we are burdened with the fact that we may be looked as a model to follow. we assume we can’t afford to go wrong. we fear judgement, because we want to look good or we want our families/culture/believe every tag we carry to look PRESENTABLE.

      this is the reason we don’t open up easily. we prefer to conceal our sadness or we will look weak. our doubts and worries as we might look “mentally unstable”. we can’t look vulnerable because then the people who look at uptown to us as their heroes might change their stance.

      on the other hand if we actually do it. all of this really start happening. so maybe sometimes we are doing the right thing. and honestly some people don’t deserve we open unto them.
      this pushes us to lock ourselves.


      1. I am not going to be superficial with you so I have a question… seems like there are peaceful people of the Islamic faith so I’m asking you is it just the radical jihadist that are ruining it for all of the other ones?

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      2. Extremism ruins things.
        water is life but if you keep on driving gallons of it, its going to take your life.
        Islam is not only religion with extremists. you must be aware of a thousands of them more.
        but yes we do have to face problems because of that.


  3. Further… is there one true God is there many gods and I think a lot of us ask where are they when we really need them… why is there so much hatred?… why is there so much death and destruction?… why do people have to die for what they believe in?

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    1. I haven’t studies religions. I am not a very religious person but I stand firm to my believes because I saw reasons behind them. other than that the people I followed (my grandpa mostly) never forced religion and minor details. He was a very saintly person yet he never complicated things. just told me to pray regularly and never lie everything else will fall into place itself.

      As per my belief this world is a test. and tests can be easy or hard.
      I have seen both people turning religious after extremely distress and people giving up on faith.

      you must know volcanic ash is extremely fertile. every event has both the effects.

      we have a tendency to blame somebody. when we can’t find anyone else we start blaming God. I do it too.

      God gave us brain strength and all the senses necessary. and in the end of the day we have to believe that justice will be served. thats were hope lays.

      if something bad happens to us that wasn’t in our control. always believe there is somebody who has something way better to balance out your pain.


  4. Is there a bigger plan involving permissive and perfect will… the perfect and permissive will of God he doesn’t approve of it but he allows it for bigger purposes could that be an answer we need to ascend because we are certainly in a descent

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    1. what God wills is different for all of us. religions have branch out into an unstoppable point. its splitting cell thing. you hear Islam, then there are Shia and Sunni, and then further countless different concepts. mostly the foundation is same but the preachers are responsible generally for creating differences.
      Churches mosques temples everywhere start a new practice just to stand out or prove they maybe better than the other one.

      the supreme plan taught to you maybe completely opposite of what was taught to me.

      but there is one supreme plan where no difference can be created. it humanity.
      dont lie
      dont cheat
      care about your brother especially the weak one
      obey elders
      do not do injustice
      dont exploit anybody’s situation

      is it not the same for every religion??
      can there be a difference in all of this??
      maybe this is the supreme plan.
      live and let live.


  5. Excerpts from Jonathan Cain’s Paradigm.. highly recommend getting it reading it chew on it like a cud digest it…EX: when a culture or life gives itself to serve the spirit of increase gain profit materialism prosperity and self-interest above all things it has given itself to baal… he is the..zeitgeist… the spirit of the age the god of increase and materialism the principle that inhabits and possesses modern civilization. As in ancient times a civilization that had once known God had turned away from him and it turned to Baal… and as an ancient times he remains the god of the modern apostasy the god of the Metamorphoses


  6. Cont… as the Metamorphoses progresses the culture will turn increasingly course… base… harsh and crude… more and more it will be marked and permeated by vulgarity profanity and debasement… as it was in the ancient apostasy so the modern apostasy has witnessed a coarsening of culture American and Western culture has grown increasingly crude harsh vulgar and profane if a person living in the 1950s America was given the power to see into the future as to what would be shown on the television screens of present-day America it would appear to them as apocalyptic and if we’re not equally shocked it is only a measure of how desensitized we have become as undoubtedly were the generations of Israel’s apostasy


  7. Paradigm… Jonathan Cahn… the ancient blueprint… friends there’s nothing new Under the Sun… it’s all about heightened awareness and having a renewed heart and looking at Life as a gift if you don’t look at it as a gift it’s easy to take lives

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    1. I will answer these 3 comments as they were an except in continuation.

      the gist of it makes sense. I am going to break it into my simple mediocre vocabulary here for my own convenience.
      so it boils down to being selfish materialistic and control freak. I ruined it. I know.

      I won’t talk about an individual country (America in this case) because I have geographically scattered family and I have seen pros and cons of living in both sides of the world.
      as us, just citizens we want our basic needs to be fulfilled. we hardly get the time to think what television and media fed us even though it did. but we didn’t sense it happening.

      I don’t watch tv. its very weird but I don’t. i don’t have energy to let my brain exhaust over news. or maybe I am selfish. I can’t watch so much happening. for a normal citizen all we want is to be able to earn bread and butter.
      we all know we are being programed. all the time.
      what world is becoming today is shudder inducing all because who has a little more power and money tried to excursive it to gain control. its stupid to think control will give them any kind of satisfaction.
      have you watched the movie “citizen cane” it presents the concept well.

      we are born with a set of energy. we can’t use it both ways. to help or to destroy.
      and taking lives is just an inhumane act. we can’t blame a religion culture for anything for that. if anybody thinks its ok to take a life they are not human.


      1. Unfortunately in America we have two faces we have the real news and we have fake news everyone has their own agenda everyone has their ulterior motives the fight that we are having an America now is battling those even in our own Senate and Congress that want to bring socialism and communism here it won’t work here it doesn’t work anywhere where the people are suppressed and oppressed there is failure look at Russia look at Venezuela we are a god founded country but there’s a battle raging within here

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      2. We have a big problem in America we are a land of immigrants but not illegal immigrants there are a drain on our government and our society also there’s an element that wants to come to this country but they can’t assimilate they don’t want to live the Western life they have ulterior motives there’s so much trouble in our other parts of the world America is an open free land a lot of foreigners want to take advantage of it even take the country from us what they have to know about us Americans is that we will fight to the death I’m not trying to be threatening but that’s the American Spirit

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      3. well your main question is the question I don’t think I am qualified to answer. I don’t even watch tv. and I am literally run away from politics be it national or international. at my age (30) and my stage in life my own problems are huge enough to consume my brain. me harboring political opinions won’t help anybody.
        I am too ignorant for that.
        again I have a simple rule. injustice is injustice. wrong is wrong.
        it sounds very cliche but I really hope and pray one day we find a peaceful solution for all the problems of the world.

        Merry Christmas Sir. 🙂


    1. well.
      this was a lot of information in a few comments. I highly regard the attention and input you shared here.
      I was on a call. or I would have replied sooner. I hope I haven’t broken the flow.
      the reason behind this post I will share after the holidays.
      now to the comments


  8. I really loved reading every word of this post Alyana! There is so much truth in it, everybody needs to understand this stuff but sadly there’re a very few of them!
    You made me emotional there!

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  9. Thanks for telling me about that I understand your culture pretty much but I have a life too in a family but I still have to think about higher things my situation is kind of reversed if I don’t think about the higher things then I am judged

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    1. first of all I will say I did not study religions and cultures. I read a lot. and I have friends from every background these are source of that base of my opinions. I have clearly mentioned in my disclaimer too.

      I came here for peace and solace I hardly talk about things that could cause differences. I never asked my best friend where her grandpa came from. or her exact school of thought. because it doesn’t matter to me. if I didn’t do this to my best friend how can I do this to people here. I love them all. and they love me for what I am here.
      I never tried to preach anything. I talk least about religion and culture and stick to common grounds.

      as you shared you actually studied religions and understand the questions natural follow.
      for me higher things are not that high may be. my higher things are very simple and maybe shallow.
      hurt nobody. thats all.


  10. Your previous post about do this and don’t do that is all about the law you have to understand a little bit more about Grace I’m sorry but every religion is not the same most religions are the same in that you have to obey a bunch of rules and supposedly that will get you to heaven it’s been done for us it’s a free gift

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    1. I don’t know sir. to be honest. I don’t see eastern western. I have friends here from all over and I enjoy diversity.
      yes they are very sensitive subject. its better to appreciate and support each other. if we disagree to a post or blog, just ignore it. why make this difficult. 🙂


  11. There has to be open discussion between people of different beliefs without death and destruction I believe of if a person is firm in what they believe they should be able to talk about it and respect other people’s opinions even if they’re different can’t hate each other over it

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    1. we can’t hate each other on anything. hate itself is a distructive emotions that destroys people on both ends.
      but bringing a thousand people and telling them to talk about their faith without fighting sounds like an impossible idea.
      people with least knowledge shout the most. and for faith people try to show that look we know better.
      its sensitive and person thats why I just don’t get into this.
      the base of everything is peace love and respect. sticking to the basics is the best we can do.


  12. Happy Holidays my lovely friend . Not a very typical Holiday post but I love that you are not typical , It is a much needed message . I look forward to the peace and quiet. In my mind because I have a toddler lol . I love the profile pic I do’nt think I ever mentioned it before 🙂


      1. We are well . I miss all of our chats and my
        Rambling posts . I write I just cant seem to
        Get it right at the moment lol . I am a slight mess I think you can relate . I hope you had a wonderful day

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      2. It sure is . Remember your wise self once told me to keep moving just keep moving forward even if you have to crawl to do it . You have got too much soul my friend to let life get you down . I am trying my best to motivational here . Even though sometimes I just want to lie on the floor and throw a tantrum maybe too much time with the toddler and not enough adult company .

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  13. I ask that very question daily. “How are you truly doing?” I adore each one of my friends and my mother, and I am always concerned about their well-being.
    Funny thing too is I feel as if the blogosphere and the wonderful people within it… I honestly care about what each one has to say, report, share etc…
    No one should suffer in silence, people need to be there for one another. 🙂


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