Mom- The invincible champion!!

my funny bone is a bit fractured so I thought why not I reblog my old posts, for something to laugh giggle chuckle or just smile at..everything counts 🙂
have a good day 🙂

Stoner on a rollercoaster

Once upon a time I was busy working at home in my usual attire that comprised of a black trouser and tee, listening to music in headphones at a deafening volume. I was preparing a report that had to be submitted next day, lying on my bed in the pool of files, books, pencils, highlighters and tones of food.

I saw my mom coming. She was saying something as she started cleaning my room. I tried to read her lips but I couldn’t as constant staring at screen for hours gave me blurry vision. So I resorted to reading her expressions. I saw her eyebrows furrow and deep dents and lines forming on her forehead. Then her face turned scarlet. Then finger pointing started. I sensed my time has come. The grim reaper must be arriving soon.

I unplugged my headphones.

Mom:  Go get ready we are expecting guests

Me:   …

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