Gagged on Silver Spoon

I wrote 3 long posts to about the year that 2017 has been. But I gave up. I couldn’t muster up courage to even complete any of them.


Let move on I guess.


Ever heard of the phrase “gagging on silver spoon”??

I heard it in the movie “citizen cane”

And it got ingrained in my mind

Trust me its real and inevitable

I have seen lives with label “Extravagant” slapped on them

These shallow labels that are soiled with greed

A greed to prove the world “look I have an amazing life”

How stupid could one be??

The actor and the audience, I pity both of them

Try peeling off that label and look what it’s hiding

The reality will stab you and pull your guts out

Have you heard a person screaming from eyes???

Have you seen a pained smile??

This words sickens me to the core.

But in the end it all boils down to simple choice

Comfort and security

Or freedom and individuality

We always choose the former..

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

38 thoughts on “Gagged on Silver Spoon

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      1. Fake people, fake lives, the futile attempts of few to find moral grounds and combat the twisted society… You are a dreamer Alyana. You shouldn’t waste your time figuring out life, but you should just live it, ;D


      2. I quit trying to figure out life. Still life doesnt cease to surprise me.
        I am building a sand castle and i keep it hidden from the world so that waves can’t wash it away.
        I am a dreamer.
        Still whenever the time comes i choose security and comfort.
        But once i built my castle or small home i will break free. 🙂

        I hope i made sense

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      1. Ok.
        You know what i learned so far. Not actually learned it was a tight slap across my face.

        Love weakens us. No matter how strong we are as an individual. When we have people who we love more than over own lives they become our weakness.

        And when we are the shield between them and the world we lose all our strenght. This is how we succumb to culture and traditions.

        For the people we love.

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      2. I wasn’t including love in that equation. Love is whole separate entity from everything else. I would not want for anyone to give up on allowing the vulnerability that comes from loving someone. And, hopefully, being loved back. That is the greatest gift. Dangerous to the heart and soul? Fair risk of being hurt emotionally? Yes. But, to me at least, the reward has far outweighed the risk, including my failed brushes with love from the past. Don’t try to protect yourself from loving someone. And loving is not a weakness, by the way. 🙂

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      3. I agree with every word here.
        But always talking about when we love our family we end up abiding to thr norms. Se cant use FYou attitude when you know it will end up being a disgrace/disrespect to the family.
        We carry a name and it becomes burden when we grow old.

        An example when someone is being an ass and i am an individual i can handle it whichever way i want.
        But when they start blaming your brought up it hurts.
        Or even worse when your family gets to know you were being total badass no matter you were right or wrong they end up thinking you are bringing bad name. And setting bad example for your siblings

        I dont what i am saying i am trying to make sense.

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  1. I used that in a short story. In 1337, Nefertiti (1370-1330 BC) Egyptian Solar Queen, the most beautiful and the most powerful woman in Amarna, sat on the banks of Nile bathing her long slender legs as she lamented over the recent loss of her husband. Nefertiti removed her royal cap revealing her shaved head knowing that she was now in charge of Egypt. Nefertiti sobbed as she sat on the bank of the Nile splashing her feet in the water, contemplating what to do with her life now that Pharaoh Akhenaten was dead. Pharoah Akhenaten said: “Until the swan grows black, And the Raven becomes white, Until the Mountains rise up and walk, And the waters flow uphill” that his new faith would endure. Nefertiti was puzzled over his last words, why would he utter the four symbols of life “sun, earth, air and water” and did he use his last breath to say “Rosebud”? Nefertiti knew that Egypt needed a strong ruler, not a queen that cried and she understood that weeping was prohibited for queens and royal weeping would make the Egyptian empire crumble.

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    1. 🙂 wow. Brilliant use of the word. All the time in the movie it sounded very feminine and delicate untill the end.

      Your story reminded me of rani (queen) of jhansi. Not sure if you have heard about her.
      My grandpa would tell me her story whenever i would feel defeated.

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