Perfect Closure.

Finally, I bid farewell to the sun of 2017 with black coffee, cookies and poetry. Perfect!

Dubai is aiming for another world record tonight. Last time I went.  Getting there was ridiculously taxing but the fireworks was worth the hassle.

This time I wanted to go. But for some reason I cant.


You can’t have everything. There is always opportunity cost involved.

There is something amazing that happened to me during this entire phase.

I have never felt this close to my own soul. My own being.

I never dared to experiment and explore my own potential in terms of art and writing with this perseverance.

When I was working on Silence. I was blending the pastels and turned my hand and saw this..


For a moment I felt I dipped my hand in galaxy. It was surreal.

There is so much more in the world beyond the meagre boundaries or materialism.

Beyond man’s obsession with power and control and his urge to prove the world his worth.

When life is on a break already why not just look around admire the view.

So thats what I did today.

Admired the last sunset of the day. With what I love.

Wrote a little declaration of love to my coffee

There is something bitter sweet
About black coffee
With a spoon full of vanilla sugar
Sweetness battling the bitterness
Both holding their grounds
Teasing my taste buds
With comforting warmth
And devilish grin
As it seeps into my heart
Just like this sinking sun
Solacing me in silence…..

Let me share something with you from the same poetry book I was reading.


With this I pray we all have wonderful year ahead brimming with joy, love, wellbeing, peace, comfort and contentment.

Happy new year to you and yours.

You guys know I love and treasure you all, don’t you?? πŸ™‚


Copyright Β© 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

71 thoughts on “Perfect Closure.

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  1. Perfect post to finish the year on. Stunning pastel observation/colours too… enjoy your coffees and may 2018 bring you a lot of the same… happy calm moments, peace, tranquillity and further understanding of that soul of yours xxx

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      1. Generally I always had been given names compared to animals. You know it. I was also given the name Zeus. Now Sai.. Man people love me don’t they (not as a human being of course)

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      2. I couldn’t talk anybody at home. Skype isn’t working and I am poor. so I recorded msgs to talk to sam and my aunt. and had to texts the rest. voice calling isn’t completely shut here. I don’t know what I am gonna do now. I m horribly missing sam

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  2. Happy New Year . I so love you . The tribute to coffee and the dipping your hand in the galaxies . Kind of looks like it . Simple things like that reminds me that other shit does not matter . All the best on day 2 of 365 πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ˜ kisses and hugs from Xio and I .

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Xio is the nickname Xiomara is the full name . She is ready or battle that is what it means loosely translated . Crazy boss mom . lol . I managed three posts so far I am on a roll :))

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