Pigeon situation

Since I am literally seeing stars circling around I better should give up now.

I thought why not greet every fellow blogger I frequently see, the followers and people on the daily prompts grid ..

and now I am losing vision…

there is so many of you all…I overestimated by reading and commenting skills here..

I better come up with a strategy to handle this blog. I don’t know what I am doing.

well. to the people I couldn’t wish…Happy New Year to you and yours! hope you all are having a good time.

and the people I wished 2 3 times..consider it one please..

without wasting your time let me share you a mesmerizing mosaic of words by Khalid Gibran from a book I am reading.

His words transport you to some other world I swear.

read it please..



37 thoughts on “Pigeon situation

Add yours

    1. Yes it does take effort. Posting everyday. And i have never posted just for the sake of publishing a new post. Each and every one of them and something i really wanted to say. Then communicating. This baby is growing fast. And it does gwt difficult at times. Then i feel what if somebody feels left out??

      Well i am thinking about a few things. Maybe i will assign days. Manage time a little.

      I know you all love me thats why i am here.
      Just a little tired 🙂

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  1. I get it. The problem I am having is the dang phone app. I get double duty on comments and replies. When I re-read the posts it is sometimes too small and then I realize I have already made a comment or replied to one… ughghgh. Coming to the conclusion that I need to be in front of a computer now, I changed up my blog to once a week posts so I can duly concentrate on reading those I follow. Something I do enjoy. Happy Ditto Ditto New Years 🙂


  2. Happy New Year and if I have already said that to you and I think I have or maybe not but I can understand exactly what you are saying about the business of blogging. I feel guilty if I cannot keep up with all my followers and cannot greet new follows and cannot keep up with the keeping up. Oh my……if you come up with some good solutions please post them. I will do likewise. Oh and Happy New Year!

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  3. Happy New Year! Thank you for checking in. 🙂 My wish is that someone will create an app that makes it feasible to like and comment on all the blogs we love without lifting a finger… for now I have lifted my fingers to return the love. I will dream on. ❤

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  4. When you find a way to comment and visit all your blogger friends let me know 😉. I still haven’t got that one figured out. I try daily and sometimes life gets in the way, then I miss people…eesh! Happy New Year by the way.

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    1. ahaha I am still struggling..I almost went blind I am not even kidding 😆
      today I thought I will have to distribute days..I will end up missing some people but you can’t practically do it everyday and for everybody.

      thanks and happy new year to you too (in.case I missed)

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