Shakespearean Window..#writephoto

She was returning from school. Her pace a cocktail of walking briskly, tip toeing, jogging and kicking random rocks, depending on her mood and magnitude of exhaustion.

Her back hunched under the weight of abnormally heavy bag.

She sometimes would look at donkey carts and shout, “there is no difference between me and you” followed by her toothy grin.

Her lose braids dancing on the tune of new pop song that she memorized in her school van as she hummed it like nobody is watching.

Whipping her water bottle occasionally she was oblivious to the sweltering weather that almost set her shoes ablaze.

Her eyes searched for her favorite window.

There it is..

She smiled to herself

Framed by humble green leaves protectively clinging to strong yet flexible branched. Now two scarlet roses graced this tapestry adding romanticism to the otherwise dreary window pane.

Shakespeare.. the name flashed in her mind.

He was talking about Shakespeare that day..

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet

She heard the infamous over-excessively used quote ringing in her head, in his deep voice.

I wonder why he isn’t a news anchor. He could be if he tried. I can bet my $5 on it. 

She smirked mechanically tapping her pocket.

Her steps came to halt at her assigned spot.

Passing of few more minutes deflated her smile and a wave of concern was visible on her tanned face.

She looked at her watch the twentieth time in those 5 minutes.

Where is he?? He is never late.

She started pacing in small circles.

Occasionally lifting her head to the empty frame.

3 more minutes

5 minutes..

She was losing patience.

A brand new panic attack was just around the corner when her eyes met with what she had been waiting for.

In the window, sun welcomed an equally radiant image. It’s rays hitting and reflecting short soft strands.

His beard shone like silver cotton candy. Fluffed and cute.

Love sparkling in those doting eyes surrounded by symbolic evidences of age and experience.

The moment their gaze met her heart exploded with joy.

She giggling like a goof, showing small windows carved out by missing teeth and started jumping, waving frantically.

A smile touched that angelic face deepening all the wrinkles and he waved back.

She saw his shoulders shaking.

He is laughing..

Then he stopped waving and slowly blinked at her, slightly tilting his head.

She got the hint and started capering toward her home.

This was daily ritual of this Grandpa-Grandaughter duo, that shrunk the distance of generations to none.

The purest form of unconditional love that never happened to both of them.

Never before..

Never after..

Copyright © 2018 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

For Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt.


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