Boredom triggering buffoonery again..

Have you read a poem to yourself??

It’s a unique experience. One of a kind. Wasn’t very well today so decided to rest. Now giving my body rest means I still will have to keep myself busy otherwise my head starts to go crazy.

I told you boredom is scary situation for me.

So I took out a poetry book I am hung up on these days.

Here it is..

Pretty. I know..

So. This book has a section “to read aloud”.

This reminded me of one of my favourite movies ‘dead poet’s society’.

I sat down took a deep breath and started reading out loud.

When you are alone and you read poetry, its like there are two people the room. A reader, and a listener.

And then it’s poetry..

It creates an atmosphere I can’t explain. Try it someday you will know.

I invested in a lamp last year. It can be clipped on the headboard of your bed. If you read, write or do artwork and you are plain lazy, its a must have!


So when I was done with reading I saw a huge spot of light on the wall right in front of me and another idea popped in my head.

You know those shadow puppet thing people do with their hands???

Here they are…


Now tell me what they look like..

Point to be noted, it wasn’t easy to do puppetry with your hands setting timer and taking pics.

There maybe Loopholes in my process but at least they look like something.

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62 thoughts on “Boredom triggering buffoonery again..

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  1. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the poet Billy Collins, Stoner, but he is my favorite contemporary poet and was U.S. Poet Laureate a few years back. If you ever get a chance to read him, do. I especially love his collections _Picnic, Lightning_ and _Sailing Alone Around the Room_. He also has an audio cd, _Billy Collins Live_, that is a delight to listen to. He’s very funny.

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  2. There’s something about a quiet, lazy day that brings out the silly in all of us, whether its dancing like a spastic white boy in your living room to your favorite songs, or making shadow puppets of a dog, spider, and bird. As a wise man once noted “There’s no point in being grown up if you can’t be childish sometimes.”

    If you want to check out some old school poetry, if you haven’t already, read “Leaves of Grass” by Walt Whitman. I read it in college, and rediscovered it again recently. I find there is a depth of emotion in his work, from passion and longing, to sadness.

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    1. This comment itself felt like poetry. Not making it up. Maybe i am in inertia. But you are right. You have to let youself be a child sometimes (a go a bit overboard i know)

      I will definitely read it. Thanks for recommended. Sounds like something i will like.

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  3. You have made me so nostalgic today. This reminds me of the time I used to do this with my brother all the time during our power cuts in the home. Load shedding or power cuts is very common in India during the summer.

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    1. Its a good book. I got it from an old book stalled loved the illustrations.
      For intense soul searching i still go to Khalil Gibran 🙂
      Well. Happens… poetry you can easily find online for free but a full novel you can’t maybe thats why people actually dont buy poetry books.

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  4. Is reading poetry aloud the same as reading to a toddler ?lol. I love your puppets :)) Boredom is a tortourous thing it seems to spark your creativity though then again you are such a creative soul 🙂 I wish I could send you a ticket to Barbados . We so would be the new pinky and the brain

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    1. Ahhaha nom then there will be four people in the room. Reader and listener mommy and reader and listener toddler because they bring their own version 😆
      Ahha someday i will. Island life fascinates me i am sure it must be fun to live there.when i am rich i am deifinitely visiting 🤗

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      1. You would love it here . I think I would adore where you live . If flying was cheaper . It costs a small fortune to live here and leave here . We would be writing and drawing beach bums lol

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  5. I love reading poetry and I know what you mean by there being a reader and a listener, sometimes when the mood is right and the poem is for you, you stop and take it in, smile, cry and read again. It’s beautiful.

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  6. Judging from the cover, it looks like one of the poems you can read aloud in that book is, “The owl and the pussycat went to sea in a beautiful pea green boat…” which is one of my favourite poems that my parents used to read aloud to me when I was a child growing up. 😊

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