Best Kickboxing Match Ever!

Remembering the best times of your life dilutes the intensity of chaos running in the present.

It was second last year of our school life and we were throwing farewell party for our seniors.

Now, our class was the wildest craziest bunch of people I have even seen in my life.

Convincing them to perform something on the big day was a challenge itself.

Somehow we passed that phase. And moved on to the practice.

We had boys majority. We were just a few girls it was 1:5 ratio so we thought the girls would handle the anchoring, writing, directing, and all and we will let boys do the acting.

I can sense some of you already have an idea where is it going.

Well. Opening scene involved a bride and groom sitting.

Weird, I know. I have forgotten the story it was something funny.

As girls (including me) refused to be the bride we convinced a guy to be one. Then we chose his best friend to be the groom.

We sat them both down on chairs next to each other.

Groom wore a turban and bride wore a dupatta (big stole) on her head and veiled her face.

Ok. All set.

I was directing as I was bit bossy in those times.

I gave them their copies of script an told them their lines.

I turned and I barely walked 5 steps when I sensed commotion in the room.

I turned..and what do I see??

A full blown kickboxing match between bride and groom!!

Bride still wearing veil.

Groom still in turban.

Below that they both were in school uniform and they are kicking and punching.

And they looked angry. This was the scariest part.

There was hooting and booing.

Within seconds you could see crumbled paper balls and stationary flying over your head.

Nerd ones started ducking and hiding behind chairs.

The most civilized ones locked themselves in the bathroom.

Assholish ones (the ones who work on payroll of teachers) ran to get help.

I don’t even remember where rest of the girls were I don’t think they were in the room.

And the circle of cheering audience around the fighters was getting bigger by every second. Crowd started pouring in from other classes too.

The agility of both the guys was terrifying.

And me?? I was in hysterics. I couldn’t afford to even go near them they all were tall and sporty.

I tried. I shouted stop! A few times but then I couldn’t stop laughing.

I have a hazy memory of what happened after that but picture of that hilarious fight is painted like a vivid graffiti in my mind.

Oh. We do have a graffiti memory to..will save it for some other day..

And don’t worry. Few hours later they both were having lunch together…beaten black and blue..

Copyright © 2018 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

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      1. Men do crazy things to seek attention. Won’t be the first time, won’t be the last. What are you doing at this hour? Get some sleep Stoner. I too will be leaving..

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