Gym Chronicles – Background

Me calls friend: hey where are you??

Friend: I am at festival city (it’s a mall we were planning to go to)

Me: wtf..alone???

Friend: yeah..

Me: How could you do this to me I am gonna kill you..

Friend: you weren’t replying my messages and you didn’t pick my call.

Me: Shoot! I was wearing socks when you called and then I forgot to call back.

Friend: Socks??

Me:…i went to the gym

Friend: Shut up!! Really?? o my God I’m so happy for you..

I could literally picture tears of joy running down her cheeks..

Told her the whole thing and she was so excited. And so was Sam.


I little background of gym chronicles.

I was on steroids (prednisone) for 2.5 years straight until they started doing serious damage.

And this is what steroids do to you..



I could literally eat a horse..literally.

My friend said please don’t eat furniture..stop at furniture.

I turned into a cloud… I am not even kidding.

And it was weird. for weeks I was like..look at me steroids can do nothing to me…and BAM!!

1 day I woke up with added 20 kgs, Elvis Presley side burns, acne, bruises all of them!

Oh and don’t forget the cramps..

Now the medication was removed and doctors said the weight and all will go..i said okay I trust you, did I have choice??

So, I, gradually started deflating

One fine day my body fat told me “i am breaking up with you”

These words never sounded sweeter..

But I pretended to be sad, didn’t want to piss him off, “o my God, so are you leaving??”

Fat: yeah..kinda…

Me: I am gonna miss you, you made me look …umm… so fluffy..

Fat: oh no no no (Jesse Eisenberg style) won’t miss me I am just relocating…i am not leaving your body..

Me: wait ..what!!!

Fat : yea..i still love you..


It just relocated to areas of its own choice..horrible.

Take a put a grape on it..thats what I looked like.

Turns out the rest I will have to fix. I will have to workout and stop eating like a raccoon for a change.

And this could serve as an excuse to get out of my cave. I was having terrible social anxiety.

My friends have been really worried about me lately, so it was a great news for them.

I have gone to gym thrice in 2 days already…and twice to the reception with problems. Told them I don’t want a fuss but they should know.

Forgot to tell them about missing punching bag… that was serving as a gym magnet. You look at it and it Thrills you, shoots up your motivation.

It’s weird. But it kinda does that.

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  1. I totally loved this post. It was humorous and serious, then funny and real and I giggled a little, but proud. I’m so proud of you for going to the gym. Alone, I would think, since your friend was at the mall. Great post. ❤

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  2. I got a real chuckle out of this! And I spent some time on prednisone about 20 years ago. I wasn’t on it for too long but I found the withdrawal phase was awkward. I would drop a spoon on the floor accidentally and completely flip out like the end of the world was nigh! That would last about 30 seconds and then I’d be like : WTF? Did something just possess me just now? Anyway thanks for an entertaining post.

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  3. I too was on the Prednisone train for a while. Asked about side effects, and was told that there were none. Added on lots of weight – I swear, like, overnight – along with a ton of stretch marks. I was not a happy bunny with my doctor at all. Got weaned off of them as quick as I could. But still, a usual five minute walk into town, when I was healthy, turned into an hour’s struggle with multiple stops. It was a nightmare.

    There was no gym in my town, well what passed for a gym were four metal body-resistance machines, with a high weekly access fee. I was not impressed.

    I ended up digging out my PS2, in place of my PS3, hooked up a dancemat, and popped in a dance game; with a workout option. I danced on that mat every day (I still remember the routines to each of the songs when I hear them), and worked off all the added weight.

    It wasn’t easy, but it was fun, and I achieved my goal. I have dance games on my PS3, but they are nowhere as fun and easy as my PS2 and dancemat. I still have the setup, just not the space to put the dancemat right now, and I probably would end up holding my 6kg dog while trying to do it…

    Anyway, lots of luck at the gym – I have been following your posts of your adventures.


    1. I just saw this comment please kill me. some times I wonder how to guys tolerate me and my stupidities.
      well. yea dance is a fab excercise and its fun too..only problem..I cant dance! I am lucky when I am walking straight and not falling/slipping.

      my sisters did Zumba they say it feels great too.

      prednisone is a #$%$%$%^#$%^$%^…..seriously.

      I didnt look like myself..I still dont. it has taken away so much from me that I am fighting so hard to get back.


  4. Sorry to hear about your prednisone issues (been there) but this is hilarious!! From now on I’m gonna refer to myself as fluffy. It sounds so much cuter than fat. Yeah, I can work with fluffy. Thank you 😉

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