Unsaid words..

People join our lives at random scattered occasion.

There’s never a good time or a bad time.

When they join us we ask ourselves why now?

They leave behind a permanent Cavity when they depart.

We keep peeping into it looking for answers.

Which is pointless.

Then we try to fill the cavity with debris..

Which is unnecessary.


We can never stop asking questions.

What if we embrace whatever comes our way.

And we accept the loses

Why do we find it so hard to agree?

See. I am again asking questions.

Why do we crave for answers so badly.

Previously, this would shove me in a never-ending chain of panic attacks

Now it doesn’t.

Now I find solace in mystery.

Sometimes unsaid words sound way better than whats said loud and clear.

I feel calmer when I leave questions suspended mid-air from invisible threads.


Weird! I know..

Can I control the constant arrival and departure of people in my life??


Then why don’t just let it be…

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25 thoughts on “Unsaid words..

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      1. It is out of our control. We automatically work a selection over the people we like and don’t like. It is something we do. And naturally, we want to be surrounded by people we find interesting and suiting to our personality. But if that someone really wants to go, every attempt in making them stay is futile. Maybe it’s for the best if we let go. I am all about freedom. If it works, it will work forever, if it doesn’t, we are just losing energy on it.

        The same way in a love relationship. If someone feels it’s not love anymore, let them go. 😀

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  1. No nothing is promised. those cavities? Hmmm. Can’t control them but we can indeed learn from them. The nasty ones can be bandaged, and the nice ones stay in our hearts. I think even when love walks away from us we can let ourselves remember what we did love. Just a ramble from me…

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    1. Your rambles are far more sensible my posts that i actually take time to think and write.
      Well. This wasnt one of those.
      I have accepted all the cavities now i guess.
      They dont hurt so bad anymore accept a few.
      Again i dont know what i am saying.
      I am so clueless today.
      Really tired.
      How are you?? Hows your little shadow 🙂

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      1. lol. I think you have picked up Nenads night time blabbering. And that’s not a bad thing… We are all good here. Feel so lucky. Was trying to read back a bit on your posts. Is surgery in the near future? Getting ready to read back now, unless Mariah wakes up.

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      2. Ahah now i know where were thise coming from. Its contagious 😆.
        Glad to know you are having good time.
        Yea. It will be done in 2 3 months is they everything goes as planned.
        Donna you know yoi dont have to do this. You time with family is precious. 🙂 and i understand.

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  2. yes. we should let it be. questions are good. i like questions. i hate it when people I love leave my life, though. xox
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