Gym Chronicles # 3

Hello hooomans!

reporting live again.

I know you were missing GCs.

Been really busy lately.

Mentally emotionaly physically

Sometimes blank spaces occupy you and you feel busy when you are not. Sounds like depression..i know

Well. So we are here. After skipping a day.

I am wondering how people use trademill without drumming the crap outta it when they are working out with music.

How drummers do this?

And if acceidently they have anything that looks like a stick in hand…instant foreworks from the panel!


I have a durbuka/doumbek player friend..i will ask him.

I was drumming Profusely whatever was in my arms lenght. Thank God no one was around.

I wouldn’t be here blogging..

I would be at an asylum explaining!


There is a short cut to tell if you are short. I just figured.

If you try to use an elliptical and you look like a spider..

You are short!

Planing to make green juice today. Lets see.

I am highly motivated.

You know moti means fat woman in urdu…I am so moti-weighted already πŸ˜‚

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  1. 🀣. How was the green juice? I just started the smoothie thing a few months ago because I figured it would get some extra veggies in me. Not bad really, but I would rather have a donut. 😫


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