Gym Chronicles # 4

I really had to make an effort today.

I am kinda mentally and emotionally stranded these days..


I have a news!

I lost 1 kg!!!! Yay!!

Its not much. But given that I am not really following any diet and going to gym 4-5 days a week.

And losing weight results from diet management and workout handles the toning part mostly.

So I might start focusing on taking care of what I am eating.

I am happy so far..


I went in the most hideous form.. newly cut hair were almost standing

Did treadmill..cycling…and then elliptical..

That Creature burns you!!!

O God.

When I do treadmill and cycling I don’t even feel anything till 20-30 minutes at least.

On elliptical after 8 minutes I was like.  Whoa…i better get off before I have a heart attack!

Total work out lasted 45 minutes and I was actually tired for the first time.

It felt good.

The rest was the scene from some cartoon when a character looks at the bed from a distance and runs blinding towards it on the toes…and then just drop dead on the bed smiling like a goof..

Yeah..that…I guess its from tom & jerry..cant remember.

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