Gym Chronicles # 5

hey guys!

GCs again.

It’s definitely not couldn’t be

Will tell you in a while..

Today, I opened the door of the gym and…


Usaina Boltie running proud in her athletic glory on a treadmill..

Hubba Hubba!

Wait..did I sleep walked to another building??

This never happened before..

It was like Po looking at Master Shifu for the first time.

This girl was fit AF.

I was in awe

I told myself, “ok Po, don’t get scared you are not looking that ugly today and you work out too…you know”

So I went to the treadmill next to her..the one I usually use and started doing what I usually do.


Honestly next to her I felt a sloth or snail..or a tortoise..

I was literally crawling but I wore my invisible horse blinders and continued on my own pace, didn’t want to give myself a heart attack for being stupidly envious.

I am getting comfortable with elliptical which is a huge success.

One thing I learned…while working out chose songs of longer duration otherwise when a song ends after 2 minutes you go like..ok I am done.

It’s a bit psychological thing..

Overall I am glad I Enrolled (just because I have to use the prompt here).

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