Important observation

Okay people

Something important.

Normally when somebody follows me I receprocate, except if its purely business site and something I don’t understand, which is very rare.

But sometimes I can’t access the site. I know its weird.

It leads to a page which says author has deleted the site. I got to know when I was in conversation with a fellow blogger on comments.

I couldn’t access his page. He has written about it in a post with the solution you can ask him the rest.

Go have have a look.

Here’s his post.

A suggestion from me when you are adding somebody leave a comment too so that they can tell you if they aren’t able to access your blog.


24 thoughts on “Important observation

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  1. Oh thank God for this post! I’ve had the same issue with a few of my followers and the only way I can get to their site is if they leave a comment. If they don’t, I just have to assume I’ll never be able to follow them back.

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  2. Omg, WordPress had some crazy downtime. 😑 I was with support for 20 minutes troubleshooting it. 😤The site is back online. Are you able to reach it? I was trying to create a video response to Stoner’s question, then puff site goes offline! I was like oh noooo! Did you ever have the carpet pulled out right under you!? 😭

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  3. I’ve experienced that, too, though I was able to see the blog you listed the address for. Sometimes I wonder if some of those “deleted” blogs that follow me are people just starting to create their blog, searching for other blogs to follow, then taking down their blogs temporarily. I don’t know. Maybe it’s something else.

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