Stop trying..

When word prompts actually help you writing something that was hovering over your conscience.

I wont try to make it poetic. I would just say it simply.

A very difficult situation solved in plain and simple way.

We all are grown ups. We must have seen our highs and lows..then there are some unfathomable events that dont fall in any category.

Their complexity itself is enough to drive us insane.

Then we make a mistake. We try to untangle the situation. We try to Simplify it.

This is where we are wrong and mostly end up in bigger mess.

Try taking a back seat for a while.

For some time stop fretting over it and look around. Let your mind drift for a while. Stop punishing yourself.

Let things be.

It wont eraze the complexities but it will show you bigger perspective..the bird eye view

Some situations are like a stab If you try to pull the knife out it further damages might have to actually live with it. Accept it.

Every wound every pain gives you something that we get blinded to when we are stuck trying to escape.

Look for that hidden gift..that little treasure..

Thats all πŸ™‚

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25 thoughts on “Stop trying..

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  1. Well said. πŸ˜€ Don’t you think that people simplify things because it is easier to understand them and transport the message across? Think of it as a logo or a commercial that rises attention on a complex issue.


      1. Thats what i say Dale. If you try to stand against the will you will break..
        Thats exactly what it is..the quiet space where you feel nothing you have to go there and give yourself a break and wait for what happens next.
        Not everything is worth trying.

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      1. I am immensely happy to hear that. But you know, your thoroughgoing words makes a deep impact on readers. So as a keen reader, I always like to read your posts.
        You’re most welcome😊

        Liked by 1 person

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