I Set You Free..

Morning shone on my face

Through the dark curtains

I know it was day

But I stayed still

And squeezed my eyes shut

I didn’t want to wake up

From the enchanting illusion

From a dream

That was best of all the dreams

It was you

And me




Between the pillars

Of our little sanctuary

Holding each other

In euphoria

The dream

I craved for

The dream

That I never had before

Togather we swirled

Under the moonlight

In the monochrome blues

But then I saw it

The worry

The scare

The regret

The guilt

I saw it

Brimming in your eyes

I saw it

Laces in your words

I saw your smile fade

I saw pain

Consuming you

Then I saw you

Running around

Looking for escape

Scratching the tapestry

On the walls of our sanctuary

Then I saw you Insist

To break the illusion

And wake up

I won’t tell

What happened next

Lets just say

I euthanized myself

I asked myself

What was worse

To add another gash

On my already damaged soul

Or imprison you

In my illusion..

And assault your conscience

With unimaginable guilt..

The answer was obvious

I opened my eyes…and set you free..

Copyright © 2018 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

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      1. It’s alright Stoner. Take care. Will drop by again soon enough I guess. By the way don’t rush with gym training. The last thing I want is too see you straining a muscle or getting physically hurt. Alright take it slowly.

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