So I finally called dad after what felt like ages..

It must have been 15 days or so..

I got an alarming msg from my sis, she said dad wasn’t able to talk he didn’t sound well as he is seriously insomniac and hasn’t slept in 4 5 days, he just naps for few minutes at random times and cant sleep

And as always I was supposed to pretend that I didnt know..

So I called. Talk to him about really random stuff he laughed a little..

Then we were talking and suddenly he went quiet for a few seconds and started talking about something totally off the topic..awkward!

Then I asked Daddu what were you saying…yea I call him daddu, abbu, abbu ji, … I can!! he calls me stoner!!

So, yea

he again went quiet..

I said..daddu a few times..

And realized he was sleeping..

He hasn’t slept in days and when we talked he slept within few minutes…it must have been 3 4 minutes only..

Isn’t it the sweetest thing guys??

Our parents just need us in different ways they mostly dont tell us.

Then I talked to my sis and felt even better..

I am smiling and I am teary eyed..

It was such a sweet moment.

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      1. ahahaha parents do that alot.
        when I am talking to dad and he is glued to news Its similar situation…we are talking normally like I am giving my health update and suddenly he would say…look look what happened today I told you this will happen..and its something about news 😆

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    1. I am glad somebody smiled reading this. parents and kids relations are complicated. I may never be able to understand your struggles as I live on the extreme opposite end where I have to face pressure of being daughter of an almost perfect man in every way.
      well.. im glad you smiled

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