Laughter Fit

My sister’s phone was beeping crazy. When she finally sat down to check her phone i heard her scream

Now it wasn’t a normal scream..i am sure it traveled across half of the globe..

If you heard a shrill out of nowhere that was probably my sister.

I was scared to asked her the reason but i still did..

And she said ” Jerry has exam the next day we are landing..his teacher just sent me the schedule”

Her expression was priceless like she has been given death sentence or something..😆

It’s been more than an hour and i cant stop laughing..

After a very long time i am having this laughter fit.

This is my 3rd post of the day..i already have few under constrcution in memos.

Looks like i can’t stop writing too..

I wish i knew the word “balance”

Well..still laughing..even though i have feeling if i dont stop she is going to kill me today 😆😂🤣

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