In conversation with Dad.

Me:    Salam daddu

Dad:  Walaimumasaalaaaaaamm

Me:   This tells me you are have no idea how happy I am to know that..

Dad:  Ahahah..hows stoner

Me:   Stoner is good having breakfast..

(it was like 12.30 pm but dad wasn’t surprised)

Me: you know whats a drip coffee?

Dad: Umm .. no.

Me:  Remember that coffee maker mom got that we never used?

Dad:…i think I remember..must be still lying around somewhere..

Me:  Yea..I was trying manual version of the same thing..

Dad: okay..

(I have a feeling he was watching tv..when the answers become shorter I can tell)

Me:  and theres a problem.

Dad: What problem?

Me: There should be one more step to the method.

Dad: Which is..??

Me: Reheating your coffee in the the time its done its almost room temperature..maybe I couldn’t quite Grasp the concept..i might be doing something wrong.

Dad: Oh.

Me:  I am hating this.

Dad: Hmm..think

Me:  Think??

Dad:  Yea..use your creative mind and think..

Me:   About what..

Dad:  A solution to the problem

Me:  Seriously??? You have turned me into this crazy thinking machine. My favorite apology to people is “i am sorry I am smart”

Dad: Ahaha..whats wrong with that?

Me:  It’s not funny..

Dad:  You can do it I am serious I know you will come up with the solution.

Me:  Why do I have to?? I mean..cant I get things easily??

Dad:  Cmon whats there to be worried about

Me:  I am not buying another machine..aeropress is making a little sense..will do a little research on all of them again..

Dad: See??

Me:  I dont know why I do this.

Dad:  Ahah

Me:  But I am not getting another machine..i hate cleaning juicer already drives me insane..

Dad: I know!! I hate watching juicer.. the residue gets stuck in it.

Me:  Yea the part where there’s a grater and mesh kinda thing…wait…when did you wash a juicer?? Dont tell me maid ran away again!

Dad: When I was visiting your sister I would do the dishes.

Me:  Suddenly I miss you

Dad: Ahaha

Rest of the conversation drifted to different subjects like work, tax, governments, current situation of 2 3 countries, law, braces (yea those too) different juice combinations and jobs and I dont even remember the rest.

Yesterday I called dad after days..he was better already.

I felt great to talk to him and as he was little stable and I told him about surgery and he was very supportive.

I ended up having a melt down but I tried to hide it..i still think he must have guessed I was crying. After all he is my dad.

You cant hide anything from him.

There were a few problems of mine that I hid from him. Today I felt he knows about them too and between the lines he told me he is with me and he wont let me succumb to whatever is going on.

I cried and cried my heart out. I felt much lighter after talking to him yesterday.

Well. Then somewhere I told him about how my writing is improving.

I shared my first blog post with him in a word file form as it is about him. I didn’t tell him its a blog.

Yesterday he specifically asked where do I write.

I dodged it.

Not that I have to hide something from him. He is not that judgmental and he is aware of the problems of my actual life so there’s nothing to hide from him.

It’s just that I don’t want him to feel bad as I really vent out here.

I don’t want him to know about my emotional and mental state and struggles.


Now I am looking for less morbid content to share with him I can’t find any in my recent posts.

Yesterday we talked until he slept..again!

Yes he is insomniac and when we talk he sleeps..i dont sing lullabies to him still he does.

So now I have decided a time to call him every day.

Partly because we need each other..and partly because I enjoy the conversations we have.

so’s better I am better 🙂

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26 thoughts on “In conversation with Dad.

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  1. This sounds promising! Share the story, the one when you couldn’t stop laughing, with your sister. Let this idea of sharing uplifting stories let you write positive things about yourself. Such a sweet conversation you two had. Maybe I could try writing about a conversation with my mom. It would go something like this….How are you mom? Mom- Did you hear what that old Trump is up to now? Me – What did you do today? Mom – Watching that old Trump, he’s going to get impeached….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh that!! Yea..and fire drill one! I was telling him about fire drill and when he slept 😆 Thanks for helping with this.
      This is the mildest convo we have hillarious conversation. My mom and everyone says i talk like him i got his brain..well i think i just got 10% of his brain he is a genius!

      Ahaha 😆😂 do write it. It would be fun to read im sure

      Liked by 1 person

  2. My Dad always has short responses because we always talk when he is watching TV. Normally when I speak with my mom or sister, I will probably get angry with them at some point during the conversation but not with my Dad. He is cool and caring and he is more understanding now.

    Liked by 1 person

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