Need to sleep

Me: I need somebody to slap me hard and tell me i am wrong. Why dont u do it??

Sam: Umm..sometimes really want to..

Me: Then why dont you? And how do you even tolerate me?

Sam: I dont know. Eat something and sleep you are tired.

Me: Next time please do. Ok??

Sam: Ok i will. Now eat something and sleep ok??

Me: Ok.

Hun, you are the best human on the planet! Love you.

Guys! I need to sleep for a while. going to take a break. Guess i am actually tired..

Take care all of you.

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  1. Her: Why don’t you just punch me in the face?
    Me: What?
    Her: You heard me. Why don’t you just punch me in the face?
    Me: Jesus. Why would I?
    Her: You’re angry. Why don’t you just punch me in the face?
    Me: I’m not angry. Anyway, even if I was …. Jesus …. this is ridiculous.
    Her: I despise you. You can’t even express your own emotions.
    Me: Maybe not. But, hey … you’re the one getting all aggressive here …
    Her: So?
    Me: So why don’t you just punch ME in the face?
    So she did. I suppose I asked for it.

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  2. Nietzsche say: “Blessed are the sleepy, for they soon drop off.” I took his meaning to be that when you stop moving you die, kind of like a shark, but it turns out he did a lot of his writing at night by the light of one candle. So possibly he was just ready for bed, but in the finest Aryan tradition, cursing himself for his human weakness. He even wrote a book called “All Too Human”.

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    1. I read about this quote. googled a little. and the idea around it. as I am almost nocturnal level insomniac most of the times (figuratively)
      I took a very different meaning from this 1 line.
      it sounded like …”the ones who can surrender and sleep easily are blessed as their life has less struggles as the ones who find it hard to sleep have restless minds, think more and keep longing to fall asleep.”

      thanks alot for sharing 🙂

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