World War III in siblings group..

Just an excerpt from Whatsapp siblings group…

S1:   Decide name we don’t have time.

Me:  What are the options..

S1:  Airah, areej, Anaya.. anything with A.

Me: Let me check more..

S1:  Meaning should be good

Me: What about Adivah means pleasant

S3:  Adiva sounds like Godiva

Me: Whats wrong with that..

S2:  I am hungry now that’s wrong with that. It sounds like food..and S3 why did you left my bathroom’s door open? Come here and close it.

S3: I am in the middle of a weave I cant get up now

S2:  I don’t know I am tired. I wont get up you left it open you close it.

S3:  wait

S2:  now!

S3:  I cant get up..

S2:   Me niether . I can see my loo. Close it right now!

Me:  Stop it..

S2:   And when you are on your way bring something from fridge.

S3:   Oh so it’s not about the bathroom

S2:   Whatever! I want you here with food in 2 minutes

Me:  Behave yourselves.

S3:  You are hungry get up eat something close the door and stop bothering me I am working.


Me:  Every one chk this link and focus this time….(gave them a link for baby names)

S2: My bathroom door is open I cant focus

S3: I am working

Me: What’s the point of me being older when nobody ever listens to me

S1: Lol

S2: Lol

S3: Lol

Me: oh wow..ok then. name her LOL

S1: Will name yours that

Me. lol!

S1: Hate u all

Me: Well. Airah sounds nice. delicate

S2: Delicate wont fit in our family

S3: Yea name her hulk. that would fit

S2: How are you answering to this you were working

Me: Stop it okay..i am coming there with a tank and permanently breaking that door

S2: I will go to your room and break yours

S3: You can get up for that??

S1: Enough. I am calling dad! I gave you guys 1 job! 1 JOB! my baby already hates you all..

Me: Look what you guys did

S2: I did nothing she left the door open..

Well..and that’s how World War III started!

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7 thoughts on “World War III in siblings group..

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  1. Call her ‘Ain’t nobody got time for that’ and end it there. ;D You can call her Attara, Arya, Alina or something like that. Eh, children. Leave no one alive Commander. Give no quarters and show your dominion over them. 😀 Ha-haaa to the victory you ride. 😀

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