Thanks again 😊

Dear dairy,


Thats what i feel today. Today i have published maximum posts..i was feeling like an attention seeking child but i had no choice.

Yup. Let me admit it.

Anxiety started from last night.

Before leaving for appointment i called dad and his voice was shaking…bad sign i can’t rely on him for support.

If i cant rely on him. Im not even going to look at rest of the family.

Watching him crumbling is painful enough.

Friends were busy..genuinely busy.

So i had you guys..only you guys..

Well the day is over. Im tired with tons of eye drops and poking and stretching my eyes.

So i just came here to say thanks.

Thank you each one of you for the support that should have been given by my real life..but sadly this is not how it works

Maybe i wear a mask there.


1 day at a is almost over.

Tomorow will tell you the whole story.

Thanks alot guys from the bottom of my heart.πŸ€—πŸ˜Š

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