Crazy day..

First of all this is a very long post..probabaly the longest so far on my blog. and its all about my appointment with ophthalmologist so you can totally avoid it if you are short of time.

Time for full roundup of yesterday..sometimes I wonder why don’t I have my own show?? Then I look at kardashians..and..umm NO!!


I have found a few surgeons. Now explaining your 3.5 years long struggle to new doctors is a complicated process and I was already worried what if they don’t operate it.

hence..a full brown panic attack crept out of nowhere..

At night before, when day didnt even properly started..i slept like that..scared and sweating I must have gotten exhausted mentally.

The big day I called a friend of mine for just quick motivational speech (didn’t help honestly)

Then called dad..BIG MISTAKE!

I can never drag dad into my problems he gets so nervous I regret it.

He was trying to be strong but it sounded so fake.

well.. off I went to the hospital.

Now, I have met this doctor before at my old hopstal and he sounded a little phony to me.

I mean I can tell when a person is being so extremely sweet..i go dude that’s a mask..

I got such vibe from this doctor. But now I m not left with choices.

So. The hospital episode started.

Normally at eye hospitals there are a few, pressure, color blindness maybe weight..

This place was crazy. I m not even kidding. They must have done at least 10 small tests/scans..whatever they were. It was insane.

First part was normal info collection about patient (i dont know technical term for that) the guy who was doing it didn’t have a south asian face. I am a Pakistani I can tell (at least thats what I thought)

And as we were conversing in English I didnt know..then somebody entered room and he talked pure Urdu…WHAAATTTT??

Ok maybe from Northern areas. Now people of different areas of Pakistan looks so different its hard to tell their nationality at times. And with such good Urdu has to be Pakistani.

well. Nothing special there.. only that at one point he was fitting a silencer kinda thing to his torch..the room was dark and I couldn’t see the yea I got scared a little..

Moving on.

Next room. Now their was a pretty girl there with nice blonde curls. And she was supposed to conduct the tests.

She told me to have a seat and place my forehead on a machine that sat on the table infront of the chair.

Now. I sat on chair..and it was a little I drag the chair..

I am trying..trying to drag and then I stood up and tried to pull the chair…turns out its stuck to the floor..

What the…


She saw me struggling so she said umm you will have to scoot a little.

Oh ok..

Now once we were done I got up to pick my bag she to the next one..

I said, “what is it an amusement park or something..seriously all the chairs worked differently”

For this scan I had to wear an eye patch (like a pirate) and then I had to look into a semi-sphere. There was a green small light in the center. She gave me a joystick kinda thing with a Botton

Is it an emergency button?? Whats going to happen??” I asked.

She said, “ will see small dots appearing in this whenever you see one press the button, and focus on the green light dont try to chase those dots”

I thought.. Hmm I can do this..i have had radio therapy on my eye so I know how focus!

Now Johny Depp holding a stick, all set to beat this machine today..

And it dot 2  3 4 5 …there wasn’t really a break..

So I was Frantically clicking the shit outta it when I heard.. “please try not to get overwhelmed by the temptation to click”

“Oh oh sorry I got exited..this one is interesting..”


I killed it! Needless to say.

For next we went to the next darker room.

Another odd chair..another odd machine..

I had to really open my eyes wide and with a red flash it would take a picture of my eye..

Well..lets say this one brought the poor pretty girl to her knees..after 7 attempts for 1 eye she was about to cry.

I was saying “I am so sorry” and she was saying “no no not your fault but you are the fastest blinker I have seen in my life..”

I don’t know if that was a complement..with word fast..i will take it as a complement.

We both survived that test with little or no damages

And I thought it was over but nooooo!

The next one.. wasn’t painful or anything.. but again I had to open my eyes big .. for the first time I felt I have small eyes maybe.

By the end she said “thanks for your patience” I said “i should be saying that” she said “it was team effort”

Back to waiting area..boring as hell..not even some good magazines to read  or just flip through till the next call.

So finally..after like 2 hours I was called to see a doctor.

I went..a seriously cute doctor stepped in only problem?? He wasn’t my doctor!

I said “well you are not Dr. XYZ”

He introduced himself and told me that he is there to check cornea and all..

I said okay..


Imagine a cute doctor is sitting right in front of you up close and he keeps on telling you to look at his nose and ear, in my head I am like ….dude I am trying hard not to have a crush on you dont provoke me.

But then he starts poking your eyes and stretching the skin around it.. measuring it with weird don’t know what to feel anymore..

It turns into love hate thing..

And I could smell cigarette I have always been anti-smoking..but smokers aren’t that bad maybe..they are just people we cant judge them for that..



After that..what felt like being for at least 5 6 years in the hospital. Finally the doctor I went to see came in.

Same vibe!

I don’t know maybe my sixth sense was playing a prank or something. He is a renowned doctor.

I made a major mistake.. a had my memoir (my medical file) with me but I didn’t have the CDs of my all the scans. That happens when you panic!

But still he was all set to operate.

Nothing interesting happened at the hospital after that.. I was there for 3 and a half hour so went to the cafe downstairs.

There I had a little chit chat with the girl working there about the type of coffee bean as we both use same brand but hers tasted alot different. I like talking to random people about really random things at times (depending on my mood). It’s so refreshing.

Well..that marked the end of the whole day for me.

Oh on my way I went to a public library to check if they have any upcoming events for aspiring writers or something like that..there wasn’t but library was nice. I dont even remember the last time I went to a library.

Rest is irrerelevant.

It was a hard day in alot of ways but having you all around helped me tremendously.

I dont know what else to say.

This place has given me alot more than I ever expected. Thanks alot guys. You are family in a way.

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  1. OMG! You had me in stitches laughing so hard about the cute doctor, the contraptions you are put through, ect… I hate getting my eyes checked, the last time I had gone I was suffering a very bad headache, and naturally I couldn’t see worth a damn. Picked up my new glasses, and can’t see out of them worth a damn now.
    This day that you experienced was expressed in such a hilarious way, you should be a stand-up comedian. I’m happy you got through it, and that you are home safe from anymore red and/or green lights for now. God Bless, Sweetie! You made it through. 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Yea. And with his 1000 magawatt torch and a magnifying lens he could be looking at my black white embarrassing..
      Yea i understand. I am a regular at eye hospitals 😂
      Thank you so much. That reminded me of when woody allen stand up comedy in annie hall. Ahaha mine would be something like that..
      Yes i made it through thanks for love and support 🤗❤😊

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Haha I’m gonna write a total opposite thing here sweetie but it just crossed my mind so pardon 😀
    main bht taiz taiz blink krti hu jb koi mera eye makeup kr ra ho and I startr crying and the other person gives up 😀

    Liked by 3 people

  3. You had A DAY!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. You were the first person to like a post or comment, and that means a lot to me.

    I thought I was just blogging to get myself through a hard time, but connecting with others going through life has been the best part of it!

    Liked by 3 people

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