WordPress! This is bad. This word will only bring bad memories of deceit.

2nd cup of coffee with in 3 4 hours when its almost summers already…something isn’t right in my head.

Actually I’m still in inertia.

I had to talk to dad and i was scared because we all are still mentally emotionally fragile. But i felt i have to.

So i did today.

I told my sis to stay around him God forbid he doesn’t take it well .. somebody should be with him.

I talked and he actually knew. He stayed strong and was a little mad at me for even thinking he wouldn’t be there for me.

It was like a tornado suddenly stopped.

So i am happy, hyper (as usual), and a little bit umm i dont know how to describe this one.. a little overwhelmed by the fact that it has happened finally .. slightly in disbelieve.. you get the idea.

So. What next. April!!

April is napromriwo…



Poetry month! Simple.

And some alphabet challenge.

Normally i don’t participate in these monthly challenges but i might give this one a try.

I am thinking about merging the two. And people have themes for it too.

I was thinking to write poems about human behaviour normally perceived as abnormal…maybe..

Emotions feelings reactions..lets admit it i am an emotional fool.. thats all i can write about.

How about theme “normal or not”??

If anyone is doing something similar please let me know i can change it anytime.

The rest..lets see..

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  1. Sometimes the things we worry about most are the things we need to worry about the least. I’m glad you talked to your dad. That will alleviate a lot of stress for you. Looking forward to your poetry.

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      1. I don’t think you have revealed what your Hospital tests are for, correct? or did I miss a post? It’s okay, whenever you are ready to reveal, if ever. I just don’t want to miss. I’m so glad you talked to hiim. Sometimes parents are stronger than we think.

        Liked by 1 person

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