I wish,
Life came with warnings

After how long
Your smile will turn into tears

How badly
You need to be hurt
To be shattered completely
Beyond any chance of repair

Or how long will it take
For you to recover
If that’s even possible
If you even care

Or some critetia
To judge people
Who is worth the pain
That you will have to endear

Or maybe just one warning
Whatever happens
Freeze your heart
And remember.. life isn’t fair..

Copyright © 2018 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

43 thoughts on “Warnings

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      1. I could’ve done that, but that isn’t my style. I told you that I don’t really like those self-help book. It’s like taking orders from another person, yet people like it because it gives suggestions and advices. But that’s not me. I help the other way. I shock people into reality and that way you can see the bad thing and avoid doing them. Some people get it, some don’t, but it is not upto me to school people about something they should’ve learned while growing up. This comment went for too long. Sorry. 😦

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      2. It’s the teacher in me that is doing all of this. And I hate it. I am nobody to give you advices. I need to stop doing that. I tell people what they should do, yet I don’t like people telling me the same, which makes me a hypocrite. I don’t like being one. It only undermines my point. 😦

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      3. See, see!!! Orders. Chill! Why? Why not going totally crazy and combust in a hell like fire and be done with it? Why not going completely out of mind and see what happens when you break your limits?

        Me: I am sad.
        Person: Well, don’t be.
        Me: Oh wow, why didn’t I thought of that? I feel so much better now when you told me not to be sad. WOW!!!

        (I am just joking, by the way. I am chill, but this really made me think… It does seem funny this way. 😀 Just people being people.)

        I must have made you worried there. Pardon my French. Got back to editing and I regretted it. Ugh, it is soooo complicated now. Sorry for this outburst. It piled up.

        Forgive me. 😦

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  1. As we all know by now Word Press Weekly and Daily Prompts are a thing of the past. I have a site “Weekly Prompts” which offers you a new platform to present your creative endeavors. Drop by anytime and inspect the site for yourself. Hope to see you there soon. Enjoy the day. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for letting me know. I am adding the links in a draft to follow once i have a little more time. Right now just too cought up with things.
      Will probably join prompts august onwards.
      Thanks a lot for thr effort and informing 😊


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