It’s too much!!

I am sad mad!!

So so soo pissed!

You know if you are on some sort of break you better keep checking on the status of your qualification..

After years…yes..YEARS!!!

I was reading up a little about my qualification and I realized I just have 2 months to submit result of a thesis that probably takes 3 to 6 months to approve!

How awesome is that!!

Now I was having a major panic attack..i didnt even dare to call my friends because they could start an bullet train of cuss words..

And I was already shitting bricks..

I dont know for how long I was staring at screen wishing maybe this is a nightmere or something..

Then I thought ok I cant just sit like that and I got up and I was walking by my kitchen…and I heard something..

Something in my unfamiliar sound..

Only thing that came to my mind was..its a pigeon!!!

Or any bird…i shouldn’t have left the window open..

Now I m scared of birds..i mean when they fly close to you…its heart-attack inducing!!!

I gathered whatever little I had..cant even call it courage and I switched on the light..

No bird…and still I could the sounds…

There was water dripping from the ceiling of my kitchen!!

On the fridge…on like 3 4 cooking appliances…on slab…

It was raining in 1/4th of my kitchen..

I didnt know if to actually do something…or lay on the floor and cry like toddlers do in malls..

Or go back to bed..

With heavy heart I started clearing the disaster stricken area.. called building maintanace..

Turns out something happened to heater. I couldn’t even hear properly I was so mad at my fate!!


Once I was done doing whatever I could I came back to another disaster area.. my bed..where my laptop screen was screaming…”YOU IDIOT”

I started reading again..looking for some hope..

My head was hurting so bad.. obviously I hadn’t eaten anything since hours..and I cant hold hunger..

Now kitchen was flooded and actually I just didnt want to even go there again.

So I resorted to food ordering app..its zoomato here..

And then I got lost in that..that made me even worse as I was dying to have something that would just pack 3 4 kgs on my already panda body!

And inside I was like…dude you will take a decade to burn that..

I just wanna die..

Then thesis came to my mind again..

After at least half an hour I ordered food and when it arrived I rushed to open the door and tripped!! Perfect!!

Thank God my bed was close so I chose to land on that..partially..

and then people ask why I talk about crying in every post!!! look at me!!!

Now I might just eat something and go to sleep..

Its too much!!

Toxic (my brain cells are sad mad too so I am just pasting it here)

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29 thoughts on “It’s too much!!

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  1. Now I feel sorry for eating all those baklavas. 😦 And for mentioning them. 😦 And for asking why do you write about crying all of the time. 😦 And for making this comment. 😦 And for that I keep writing more. 😦 And I hope that I can stop it now. 😦 Like, eventually. 😦 Maybe now. 😦 Are you laughing right now? 😦 Or should I just keep going? 😦

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Here is the part I don’t understand in your post “I was reading up a little about my qualification and I realized I just have 2 months to submit result of a thesis that probably takes 3 to 6 months to approve!”. Thesis? What thesis?

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    1. Ahaha i have ACCA + a bacholars degree already. I was auditor at earnst & young.
      It was for 3rd qualification and i missed the chance..
      Nothing can be done about it now.
      Well. Life again.. and its my mistake this time.


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