Clumsy #NaPoWriMo #AtoZChallenge

Oh look!
Another bruise
A few tones of plums
A little bit of blues

When did i get this one?
I don’t even remember
Maybe i ran into something
On last weekend’s cruise

Who do i blame for this?
Who can i accuse?
I am only responsible
For these deformed tattoos

Or is it from yesterday?
When i was running blind
As food arrived on the door
And i stumbled on a heap of shoes

It’s so hard to track its origin
When i am a clumsy restless Explorer
Who walks like a lost psycho
Who’s drank a barrel of booze

I got tons of these
They are more like abstract art to me
Art is sweet pain, doesn’t hurt
Like others, this too will defuse..

Copyright Β© 2018 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

29 thoughts on “Clumsy #NaPoWriMo #AtoZChallenge

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  1. May I be silly for a moment?

    A bruise is a badge
    From contacting the wall
    A virus a gift
    From contracting a small
    Simple being
    That you kindly give
    A place in your body
    In which warmly to live
    A cut is the gateway
    The virus walks through
    A cough is the message
    The virus sends you
    A fracture a medal
    You get from a fall
    When you drop from the ladder
    Whilst climbing a wall
    A cancer’s a ghost
    That you’ll ghoulishly get
    If you foolishly choose
    To smoke one cigarette
    A cold is just something
    You get in your head
    The flu, somewhat worse
    It restricts you to bed
    The plague is a bugger
    It affects the whole street
    Leprosy something
    You don’t want to meet
    But everything starts to go wrong
    When you’re old
    You cry when you’re happy
    You sweat when you’re cold
    You don’t know where you’re going
    Can’t recall where you’ve been
    Just sitting around
    Then dementia kicks in …..

    Sometimes I fall over
    Sometimes I bruise
    Sometimes germs find a place
    In my body to use
    Sometimes I get a cough
    Sometimes I lay in bed
    I’m old and I’m beaten
    But still I’m not dead
    I’ll be here tomorrow
    Or maybe I won’t
    I still have my marbles
    Or maybe I don’t.

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