HAAAALLLLPPPP!!!!!! Gym Chronicles# 7

Ok people

Now things have started to look at little better.

My odd bod has gradually started crawling towards somewhat human looking shape..or maybe a little slimmer (comparatively) panda

Previously it was a huge ginger!..i am sorry I made you imagine it but couldn’t think of anything closer.

So now..we have a new problem.

My giggly belly is more prominent!!

Trust me when I say I look 5 months pregnant.

I mean…what do I do now this is embarrassing!

I do treadmill and elliptical 5 days a week, total 45 minutes to 1 hour.

But are there anything targeted exercises for killer abs…or at least a non-pregnant belly..

Or some diet plan??

Some of you guys are in good shape.

Help this Santa please.. I am serious!

There are alot of equipments but we don’t have an instructor and I dont know their function.

I don’t want to land in an awkward situation like being oddly stuck in a machine and somebody walks in..you know..things like that..

So yea

Help me!!

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      1. It took me 18 months and I progressed from walking each night to running. I used to average about 7 km a day but at the moment I’m doing 4km as I am recovering from an injury. I find the key is not depriving myself of something I want, portion size and consistency with exercise. I go up and down a bit but tend to stay around 56 kg. I’ve kept it off for about 7 years now

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      2. I am in awe!!!!

        actually I gained on steroids. some of it went on its own..the rest I am trying to lose.

        I am horrible at following diets haven’t even tried that. so right now just going to gym. I think I should go for a diet too..

        I am really impressed..thanks for sharing 😊

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      1. Go for it. I had so many error messages while sending.. Sorry may be the mail truncated into bits and pieces.


  1. My experience is this: Nutritional drinks are excellent for maintaining all the body’s nutritional needs without the weight gain. Such as those advertising 21 essential vitamins and minerals, such as Ensure, Carnation Breakfast drinks. Really, the diet drinks, such as Slim-Fast, have identical ingredients as the nutritional drinks… When I was in a very tight financial situation, I practically lived on drinking three of those a day…it cut my grocery costs way down…

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  2. I have an eating disorder try that…. Guaranteed to make you lose 5 stone but also make you desperately unhappy and really unhealthy. Bless ya I wish I had an actual real solution for you. There is just a little bit more of you to love ❤️

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      1. You are welcome. Steroids can cause all kinds of side effects so don’t beat yourself up about it. The complex you have now will hopefully go in time. Acceptance is important you might lose the weight very very slowly but it will probably come off. I have slowed my metabolism down by starvation diets. My hair fell out so bad I had to wear a wig. I got so ill I couldn’t work. You are worth more than that. So please be careful ❤️❤️❤️

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      2. I have never gone on a diet. I do have a nice guide from a nutritionist. and I know all the goods and beds and all.
        diets give u hairball and bone problems so its a big NO. I just need to be disciplined about what im eating.
        half of the swelling has gone the rest I will have to work on.


  3. Congrats on your progress! About abs the best advice is keep eating clean. The quote « abs are made in the kitchen » is 100% true. Abs start to appear when your body’s fat gets really low. Doing crunches and planks will accelerate fat loss but only if you eat clean. So keep up the good work and be patient and they will appear 😊

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      1. okay, this one is a 2 min. subliminal hypnosis. It is very weird, including the guys voice but it worked for me. Watch it twice in a row (if you can) and once or twice a day, till you think you got it beat. I haven’t listened to it for over a week and I am still okay, but I think I am soon going to need a refresher.

        I’ll send you another one as well


      2. So here is one that gets you to drink water instead of reaching for food. I haven’t listened to this one. Listen to it while you are fully awake first to make sure it is not telling you to stop eating at all. This one is 11 min. The other one is only 2 min.

        Let me know how you do.


  4. My advice is simple.
    – Drink plenty of water
    -Eat healthy
    – Exercise regurarly
    -Get enough hours of sleep
    Always have a glass of water near you. This will help you not to eat too much during meals and stop cravings.
    Eat healthy. But dont feel bad about having a small cheat food once or twice a week, just have it and keep to your healthy routine for the rest of the time, it shouldnt have a toll on your health and performance because you would exercise a lot, your overall diet, and sleep pattern will balance things out. Natural yogurt with chia seeds is great for a flat tummy, incorporate little cabs and little bread if you dont exercise much.
    If you want sugar just have some honey or dates with yogurt instead. Reduce sodium to the minimum as this traps the water in your body causing the appearance of looking a bit heavier.
    The biggest problem is refined sugar and junk food. They have a big toll on the health so try to cut it out as soon as you can.
    Exercise regularly. I exercise 5 times a week e.g do strength training twice a week and do cardio about 2-3 Times a week to lose some excess fat and let muscle show. You can see great results in 4 months if you keep at it.
    Sleep is the most important part as well. Your body gets rid of toxins, regenerates your body and thats when you shed fat and your muscles heal and grow.
    Dont feel discouraged if you dont see results instantly. Just try your best and most importantly keep going living a healthy and happy lifestyle which will make your body look feel energised and glowing.
    Try it and see what works for you.
    Good luck! (:

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    1. thanks alot for sharing so much information. this is very helpful. I try to take care of all of it but I find it hard to leave sugars I am a sugar addict. so controlling carbs become a problem. I have started substituting honey already.
      another wierd thing I can see and feel the difference but on scale my weight is same in fact sometimes it starts increasing when I am looking slimmer than before.

      I will device a proper diet now.
      thanks again for helping 🙂


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