Numb day..

Dont know what else to call it when the world around you falls deaf and mute and numb.

Since morning something’s bothering me but dont know what it is.

Talked to friends..didn’t help.

I am trying to help myself reading random shit and trying to write…its just that nothings working.

I dont know. Maybe i should try to draw something..i havent done that in a long time. But honestly i feel that wont work too.

There is no reason still something is burdening me. With this kind of stress my shoulders start hurting and its happening.

Its insane.

You know what. Umm..i dont know how to put this.

My life has a wierd graph. Its stays same for few years and then suddenly it changes completely.

I am thinking about moving back home. And now i get wierd feeling about leaving this place that i made my home. Every little thing. Whatever i look at all i think is…i did weeks of research to get it..

But i really want to go.

I dont think i can deal with all of this anymore i really need family.

I know things are never easy. Going back has tons of problems of its own.


These changes happen every few years and first i used to get excited. Not i feel im living an unstable life.

Its hard to plan anything. Its impossible to foresee where you might be standing few years down the road.

I dont know if im feeling bad about this.

I am just having this strange conflict between wanting to run back home asap and feeling bad about leaving behind whatever life i have here.. when i know going back is good for me in fact its necessary.

I dont know what to say or think..

And appointment tomorow…again!!

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  1. When I feel like that I like to have a long soak in the bath, with Lavender to help relax me. Then I get into bed and watch a really old movie (like one my Gran used to like with Bette Davis or Katherine Hepburn in) then I try to get lots of sleep. It normally helps. But not always.
    I also completely avoid watching normal telly or listen to the news, or facebook, all the negativity can really get me down.
    I do find writing this blog quite uplifting, I hope you do too, and I hope you feel better soon.

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    1. ahaha actually funny there are alot of similarities.
      I go for long soak with lavender salt and dry roses occasionally (smells divine)
      I enjoy old movies..recently watched vertigo and before that citizen cane (sometimes I dont believe I actually did that)
      I dont watch tv. I just dont watch it at all. and I dont have facebook.
      yes writing, art, music, and long chit chat will close friends definitely help.

      I am better than that time but yea its like sitting on swing you never know when this phase will be back.

      well. thanks alot for reading and sharing what works for you. means alot 🙂

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