Random ramble

I think I’m doing something seriously wrong…

Everybody is writing with the alphabet I when I did that yesterday, when everyone else was writing with H…then I voice told me “hey, remember you were supposed to skip Sundays..”

Now I am thinking how do I catch up..maybe wont write for today and then write with J tomorrow..i don’t know..

So yeah, being a challenge-challenged person I ruined this one too. Honestly I wasn’t even surprised.

Talking about challenges. Im really struggling to stay healthy. I got alot of healthy stuff in groceries and got alot of dinner invitations suddenly…why God why????

Why people have to sabotage my efforts!

Why the world doesn’t want me to get fit!

Sometimes I feel the universe is conspiring against my fitness..it wants me to look like a planet..all round.

Round is my shape.

To top it all I saw a few fine lines on my face and I felt like I dinosaur. This is scary. What if some lab people keep me for experiments. I need to hide them especially for hospital visits. I saw a nurse eyeing my baby wrinkles.

I blame it on coffee..i have been drinking plenty of it lately and it dehydrates you and I haven’t been drinking enough water.

So I ran to extract green juice today. It can survive 3 days in sealed glass bottle in fridge. I read somewhere..so I will feel a little less miserable about myself for 3 days.

Yesterday I had another appointment…which turned into huge disappointment! An entire day got wasted. I dont even feel like writing about it, it was that useless.

Then the dinner was garnished with terribly tedious conversations. I think I think I sleep somewhere in between.

A girl was literally telling about how she prefers to change diapers of her kids..seriously?? What made you tell me that?? That’s probably the most irrelevant subject for me.

It’s like telling me about some cricket match.

But then the girl is actually nice and she started telling me how her in laws keep on nagging her for her little boy’s speech. Its such a horrible thing how can people even do that for a 2 year old kid.

That kid talks to me and I understand. Every child has its own pace of growth.

I learned to walk late when my sis was almost a gymnast at my age.

People need to keep their mouth shut about other’s kids at least. Parents are sensitive.

Well. Have another MRI today. I’m so used to of all of this. Yesterday a nurse took out a book to check color blindness and I said ..”ah Ishihara plates” (a little excited)

She replied “oh you know this one too”


No one can stop time

I don’t know why I said that.

Enough rambling for the day.

checked if I could squeeze “Luminescent” in this post…nope..doesn’t fit..

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16 thoughts on “Random ramble

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  1. Dang, Girlfriend! A heck of a lot of goings on with you. Skip today, and do “J” tomorrow. No biggie. Lines on your face? Honey, I got canals running through on mine. I think of them as character and that I lived a life. The diaper conversation (I will agree with you… Why?) Good luck with the MRI today, I’ll say a little prayer for you, Dear. God Bless.

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    1. I dont know theres something happening all the time. even my friends say that there is always something dramatic happening in my life. lol.
      yea I will do J tomorrow. I am not good with these challenges. I will repost I today.
      lines at 30 gave me shudders I swear. I am moisturizing and drinking water but once they start I dont think you can iron them.
      yea I dont know why lol.
      thank you Beckie please pray.
      God bless you too 🤗😊

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  2. Fab post.
    I recall when I was pregnant with my first (now 19).
    An older man who was nearing retirement and used to go outside the office for his morning smoke, sat next to me enjoying my me enjoying my morning coffee, my big bump clearly visible (he was downwind of me and always made sure he was, being the thoughtful soul he was).
    I idly chatted to my colleague that ‘people’ seems to have a lot of advice about being pregnant, and what I should expect in the early days of motherhood. Visually he was the last person you’d expect to talk to about such matters.
    He blew out his smoke and stared ahead at the ducks slapping about in the muddy shallows of our nearby pond, and then said,
    ‘You’ll find many people throughout your life will give you advice. Smile and thank them. Then go home and do precisely what is best for you.’
    A few weeks after he retired, he passed away. He’d lived an interesting life, ex military with years in old colonial states, children and grandchildren. He knew more about life than I gave him credit for at the time! 🌸

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    1. what a peaceful picture you sketched I sort of saw it. you penned the scenario so well.
      thanks you so much.
      that girl is younger than me but has experience of motherhood. it wasnt related but I listened because she is a very nice girl. then when she talked about how people judge her kid it sort of made me analyze myself. I worry alot about my nephew niece. I dont feel it when I am criticizing them because I love them to death and the parents know it well but it made me think maybe I shouldn’t worry that much. I am a bit too disciplined about them when they are just kids.
      and then about what he said. my grandma says the same listen to everybody do what you want. I think once you reach a certain age when you have seen it all you become a good listener and advices effect you less unless they are actually worth it.

      your comment made me smile. May God rest his soul in peace. his words traveled to here today..who would have thought. 🙂

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