Gym Chronicles # 8

I was supposed to write a poem with L today..but i couldn’t

Let me explain the reason behind my absence today.

I really really want to get in shape asap and and my gym gives me some Glimmer of hope.

Biggest problem area at the moment is belly.

I heard planks do wonders…i tried yesterday..lets say for half an hour i was lying on yoga mat stomach down thinking

“will i ever be able to do this ?? What did i do to deserve to be punished like this by my that my lost pencil under the wardrobe?? There are so many hair on floor i must be balding..what do i eat once i manage to get up??”

Yea..things like that..

Then i gave up on planks. Right now it’s next to impossible for me.

So i went to next raved about excersize.

Drumroll please!!


I laid on an inclined bench for that..i don’t know what i was doing and didn’t know the name of bench to google and check how to use it so it was trial and error.

The workout went like this.

I was keeping count.

1…this was easy..

2…really?? Why thats a piece of cake..cake…carbs…😭😭😭

3….so it gets harder..hmm

…..4…..umm yup! Definitely gets harder..

………5???…..5?????…ok…..5!!!! I better get killer abs after this..

………………6…….oh it starts hurting too..

…………7…..where did i keep my will..sam has a copy let me text her to keep that handy..

……………..i cant…i should have gotten a pillow i think i can sleep on this bench tomorow morning i should be able to get up.


I went back home alive!! On my own shaky trembling legs.

And today i couldn’t get up. My whole belly area hurts. Even the sides (maybe because of elipticle..i dont know)

If pain means those areas are going to trim down, i can deal with it…maybe

Well. My poetic skills got flattened (Can’t say about belly) and some brain cells got burnt (Can’t say about fat cells)

Rest of the day was busy. I was out with friends and eating out has its own challenges when you are trying to lose wieght. Well i tried to keep order healthy and low carb.

Will catch up tomorow with poems starting with L and M both.

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  1. I always wonder why I haven’t dropped 20kgs after 20 minutes on the x-trainer. Seems like a decent kind of deal to me, and am seriously pissed off when I am still the same boomba leaving the gym as I was entering. Every. Single. Time.


  2. Planks do work extremely well. In my past life, I was a mixed martial instructor and we used planks often but you have to be absolutely sure that your form (position) is perfect or you will hurt yourself. Start with 30 seconds, no more. Once you start to have control over your form, increase to a minute and so on. If your body starts to shake then it’s time to stop. Do not do the same thing every day change the exercises routine and do a lot of cardio in order to dry up. No less than 30 minutes as your body start to burn fat after 20 minutes. Ideally, do about one hour of nonimpact cardio daily, there too you have to change everytime the length of cardio do 60 one day 45 another the 80 and so on. Hope it helps. Lawrence

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    1. woah!! mixed martial arts instructor! you have to be kidding me.
      form is the problem. I actually gained on steroids so I have alot of weight that was dumped on me almost overnight I dont think I can manage planks until I m a little lighter than right now.
      I do cardio 45 minutes 5 days a week. no I will try different times there must be some science behind it.
      I hope so too.
      thank you so much πŸ™‚

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      1. You’re welcome.
        If you do the same things for the same amount of time regularly your body get use to it and start to store fat as your brain wants to save it for a rainy day, sort of speak, since you are now regularly using more energy. I hope it makes sense to you but it works with patience.

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  3. You didn’t know there is an eatery near to your gym…just reminded you….so that you can concentrate on gym only….no pain….no gain…. I mean loss…. I don’t know why you are so kind to the weighing machine….?

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  4. May I help?

    A poem with the letter L
    Excuse me. I’m not feeling well
    Excuse me. I am running late
    I’ve spent my day
    Just shedding weight
    I see the mirror
    What I see
    Has stopped me writing


    I fight my waistline
    And I’ll win
    Next week I’ll be feeling thin
    Poetry will start again
    …….. A poem with
    The letter M.

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  5. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as getting into shape asap (I know, what a bummer, right?). Take it one day at a time. Vary your exercises to target different muscle groups. Good form is key. You don’t want to injure yourself.


  6. I am excited to see you are still at the gym. You didn’t fold! You have muscled through months, (no pun intended). So many give it a month and leave. Funny thing is, even though I am a gym rat, I have just started doing planks. Im testing the theory that is is all for the core. We shall see. Hugs…Donna

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    1. ahha i am surprised too that I am still going, in fact I am gradually making progress but just gradually trying to enjoy it so that I stay consistent and so far I am happy.
      I have good time there.
      people rave about planks so much and I have heard 1st hand stories so I kinda believe already that it will work but my wieght type is different its all in the front thanks to prednisone. so its putting too much wight on my back.
      I am planning to progress to wights now. with a proper healthy diet plan.
      hugs…stoner πŸ˜†

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      1. hahaha, yes, me too. sometimes I think I should do a story on the people I meet at the gym. The lady who wears flip-flops, the guy who tried to race me on the treadmill and lost, the lady who clearly need to wear more clothing…lol. I guess everyone isn’t as perfect as we are. πŸ˜‰πŸ’β€β™€οΈ


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