Still here

Im alive

And guess what i can’t kill mysrlf actually there is a big punishment if i do so the option left is to suffer in misery untill death has some pity on u.

But if u guys want to help pray it happens soon.

I am done and tired. Tired of fighting

U ll be doing us a huge favour. To me and my dad both because in the end he will be suffering with me.

Just pray i die naturally soon.

Its too much.

I will answer u all. I am sorry to scare u.

I am safe

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      1. wow. I know honey is added..maybe lemon too. I dont know never made it.
        I have made basbousa I dont know if you guys make that too. mostly for arabic sweets or baking generally I dont do it here much I do it with family as there are more people to enjoy it. its more fun like that.

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      2. I agree. My mother makes it only for special occasions. 😀 I never tried one with honey and we don’t make basbousa. Maybe they make it in the south of Serbia where are more Muslim folk.

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  1. You are such a lovely and talented woman. I understand what depression does, but remember that depression is speaking here. You can and surely will kick its butt soon. Call your doctor(s) and any therapist and kick its butt out of there and then enjoy the beauty of spring. Losing people to depression must not happen! You are significantly stronger than you think.

    Call a suicide helpline if your doctor/therapist isn’t available. Tell a family member or friend how you are feeling and that you are struggling to cope and need help.

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