Gym Chronicles # 10

Just came back from gym

And I am so so thrilled.

When I started I just knew dreadmill (treadmill, heard that today only and loved it) and stationary bike..could only use those.

Now I can handle dreadmill, bike, elliptical, seated row bench (the thing I was talking about yesterday) and reverse incline bench…at different levels obviously.

Today I switched between all of them successfully, touch wood.

And attempted to jog on treadmill too…it sounds easy but its not!!

At least for me. I could only do it for 2 3 minutes I guess. I have always been little reluctant to jog or run on a dreadmill I don’t know why. But I tried today and it didn’t kill I think I will progress there too.

Looking forward to be able to lift weights too but I need more research on that.

So yea. I am making progress overall. Talked to my bro today and he gave a few tips too.

Now I think I need to cut a little carbs..just start by little reduction gradually because honestly I know I binge on carbs alot.. its the sugars the make me go weak in the knees.

Now on a serious note.


This blog is NOT supposed to be followed for fitness tips in any way.

It’s all about me trying to be a little less fluffy that’s all.

I can’t afford instructor so I resort to youtube and google normally and I myself am learning.

Its all about me trying to be more healthy. Reduce that flab I packed due to steroids and slothish lifestyle.

It’s not a proper program.

I read and try and do what’s comfortable to me only.

Every body is different.

Read it enjoy it. And if you get motivated its going to push me even further in this fitness journey.

Overall today was fun and satisfying.

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15 thoughts on “Gym Chronicles # 10

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  1. Keep at it. I now actually enjoy “running “, previously I had to be late or fleeing from an animal to make me run, but now I’ll do it just for fun. Cutting carbs though – that is really hard.


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