Chaos and Wonders

Was surfing quotes for the word Observe and my first choice is always Khalil Gibran.

I came across this..

Observe the wonders as they occur around you. Don’t claim them. Feel the artistry moving through and be silent.

What a beautiful thought.

We try to interfere too much don’t you think??

We are just control freak creatures on some level or other.

Haven’t we seen how chaotic art can be.

I am naturally drawn to expressionism and charcoal put them together in a equation you barely get anything even close to calm.

I did my best poetry in phases of maddening anxiety and crippling depression.

So why interfere?

But is it possible not to??

Wouldn’t it get out of control?

Is it right to put chaos and wonder in the same pool??

The lines are bleeding and blurring.

Since 2 days I am laughing alot. Friends are confused but they are glad I am ok.

Today I was counting the positives that happened in past 1 week. I couldn’t believe myself.

So is it really this way.

Maybe chaos, wonders and miracles all overlap each other.

They are different waves of same storm.

I am a bit calmer today. I might rest a little.

Thanks everyone for standing by me.

Kindly visit my post Warriors Invited To Raise Mental Health Awareness where I am inviting Mental Health Warriors to submit their blog’s address so that we can join hands to control this wildfire.

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33 thoughts on “Chaos and Wonders

Add yours

    1. Its so complicated at times. Not trying to be selfish here.
      But in all of this chaos. We saw true faces of everyone. Good and bad both.
      Shouldn’t say this but we got a trailer of being orphaned.

      In a way its good we know what life/people can do.

      Need to make ourselves tougher.

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      1. you are one of those people who aren’t allowed to talk much in I right??

        well yeah. at least I have an idea what it will be like. its the truth we cant run away from.

        I know I am strong but honestly thats because I have you all. since the time I came up with this blog nothing has been easy but I survived. now I am confident I can survive anything. 🙂

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      2. Hahaha! Whether I’m allowed to talk at a gathering is generally up to me. I’d rather not, no. But I can hold my own if need be. At my age, I don’t generally give two shits about what anyone thinks anyway. 😃

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  1. Ahh, there is this friend of mine who literally won’t write anything unless he is sad or something bad happens, as he believes that the greatest works are created in dire sadness😂 though i found it quirky, reading this makes me actually wonder if i had i wrong all this while

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      1. Ahaha le le bhai. Pura le le.

        Overall better. Family has sorf of accepted it. It took time to sink in.

        Brother just sent me abbu’s pic from hospital. Looks very weak but mentally he is better.

        He was in monitoring room since 2 days. Now he is back.

        So apparently things getting better. Baki Allah malik hai yar

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    1. Something on the same lines. I was actually surprised at how God plans things.

      I know dad will be back and he will be completely well. I just know this. But in this past week so much got cleared about events and people.
      And ultimately it got easier for me to plan my own options.

      Life is wierd.

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  2. Khalil Gibran is my all time time favourite too! Simple words with such deep meaning.
    Also, I loved this line – “Different waves of the same storm”. Very true. Not just for these aspects, but it permeates so many other opposing things actually. Many things have so much more in common than we care to notice or admit. Its all about perceptions. Anyways, was a nice read:)

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