Haven’t found that place yet- WPC

Life’s a flowing river and we are just little leaves branches and pebbles that travel on it.

I still can’t really figure where i belong and i would share picture of my bed but it has so much stuff on it you probably would be able to see the bed.

So i am sharing first picture that popped in my mind.

I don’t know about belonging..this is where the current has brought me for now..

Place in the World

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9 thoughts on “Haven’t found that place yet- WPC

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  1. Gorgeous picture, I love cityscape shots. Probably because I’ve always lived in rural areas and it sure doesn’t look like that here.

    I hope you find the place that gives the warm “I belong here” fuzzies. I’m still looking myself but I am not giving hope. Pictures like this give me hope that there’s more out there waiting for me to take in and explore than flannel and farm machinery. 😉

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    1. this is so strange I would love to live on a farm. I literally dream of living on a nice warm of my own but people around me say that in practice maybe I wont be able to adjust as I have spent all my life in concrete jungle (I live between Karachi, Pakistan and Dubai).

      so looks like everybody wants to go somewhere else. 🙂


      1. I think most, even without any issues to overcome, are always curious if the grass is greener on the other side.
        I dispute some psych professional saying we all want what we can’t. have.
        Most of us are just in search of the “this is where I belong” place and it may not be where we were raised or saw ourselves but it just may be where our path leads.
        I am willing to follow that path, even if it doesn’t lead where I had hoped.
        Some people want the opposite of what they know only to find out, they prefer what they know, even if humdrum.
        Others…find the opposite side of the grass exactly what they needed.
        None os us know for sure, but if we have the bravery to try and find out…We are some pretty awesome warriors. 😉

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      2. You have put it so well.
        I think im an extremely unsatisfied person. I always have to escape or run away.
        Every few years i just want my whole life to change.
        A point comes when i have to move on and run away and mostly i just dont know why and where to…i just feel i dont belong here and then i look for ways to escape.

        I don’t understand how people settle for a situation and life..they definitely live a peaceful life than me at least.

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      3. I used to bounce out of state every couple of years when I hit a manic phase, drop my job (or lose it due to, well, being unstable), forget I had an apartment and expenses and just…flee.

        Now that I have mood stabilizers and have to put my kid’s needs first…Settling is a bitter pill to swallow but nothing is forever, it’s just for now. I haven’t lost hope.
        And I have come to terms with the fact that geography may not be the entire problem. It may just be me never feeling like I belong anywhere so change of locale will never fix that.
        Then again, maybe one day I find that wondermous place. That’s the beauty of life, even with mental disorders…anything is possible, no matter how improbable.


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